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    With your busy lifestyle, there’s a lot to fit in and you don’t want to sacrifice your wellbeing. What if you could make each workout 27% more effective when it comes to burning fat, supercharge your recovery and boost your overall health? You would have the freedom to book a new gym class whenever it fits into your schedule, rather than having to wait for your aching muscles to recover.

    With their ‘superfood’ properties, scientists now recommend we eat two ‘purple’ fruit or vegetables in addition to our ‘five a day’. Berries, especially New Zealand blackcurrants, are one of the most potent sources of these important micronutrients, which deliver a raft of important whole-body, health-promoting actions that are key to energy, anti-ageing, wellbeing and disease prevention.

    CurraNZ is a 100% natural health supplement that is perfected in nature and proven in science. It offers numerous health benefits to enhance your fitness and wellbeing.

    CurraNZ health and fitness benefits

    • Increases fat-burning during exercise by an unprecedented 27%, great for boosting endurance on each gym trip, yoga class or run
    • Reduces muscle fatigue and speeds up recovery time post workout, giving you the flexibility to work out when your schedule allows
    • Has anti-viral properties to help protect your body and boost immunity
    • Contains powerful antioxidants to help ‘age proof’ the body and helps boosts general wellness by supporting cardiovascular, brain, eye and gut health

    What is CurraNZ?

    CurraNZ is made of one thing, and one thing only, blackcurrants. Sourced from New Zealand, our blackcurrants are king of the superfoods. They have one of the highest recorded anthocyanin values and antioxidant activity of any berry. In fact, they have more than twice the antioxidant value of popular superfood, blueberries. Plus, they’re low sugar.

    What are Anthocyanins?

    Anthocyanins are the naturally occurring plant compounds that gives the fruit their deep purple colouring. Anthocyanins have multiple health benefits including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and circulation-boosting actions. Their powerful antioxidant activity helps fight oxidative stress and free radical attacks associated with ageing and disease processes. This results in boosted immunity and improved health and wellbeing. For more on sports recovery, see Recovery Benefits

    Ground-breaking scientific research has shown that the anthocyanin effect on fat oxidation is unique to blackcurrants. University studies show that NZ blackcurrant extract has an unprecedented effect on fat metabolism, increasing fat loss by up to a third during moderate-intensity exercise.

    Additionally, the vasorelaxation effect (blood flow to you and me) is as high as 35%. Better blood and oxygen supply means you don’t have to work as hard for the same effort so you’re less tired after your workout and your muscles recover faster, so there’s nothing to hold you back. For more on sports recovery, see Recovery Benefits page.

    CurraNZ contains 2500 New Zealand blackcurrants per carton of 30 capsules, with a 35% anthocyanin extract formula. So, you can see just how powerful it is!

    Each capsule contains approximately 85 New Zealand blackcurrants and 1946 ORAC (antioxidant activity) per 300mg.