Was a pharmacist and pioneer in the natural health industry in New Zealand. His very first supplement product (Clinicians Multivitaliser, as it was first labelled) was a collaboration with a local doctor who needed a nutrient intervention for women who weren’t coping with the demands of pregnancy. The results were highly successful and he went on to produce many more supplements under the Clinicians brand, based in New Zealand and sold internationally.

    In 2010, Mike saw data on the extraordinary nutrient profile of New Zealand blackcurrants and correctly predicted their rise to health and fitness fame. Fleur acted to help bring New Zealand’s superstar berry to market by initiating research projects in Britain, to unlock their properties and gain a better understanding for consumers.

    Fleur partnered with Nicki Bundock for part of the CurraNZ journey and proceeded to put CurraNZ on the map. One of the company’s milestones was a significant study that briefly took CurraNZ to number one on Amazon in 2018.

    It was also about this time Fleur convinced her brother Scott to join the team and help spread the word. Scott had worked with his father during the Clinician’s expansion years in the New Zealand pharmacy scene and was employed as an account manager and product trainer.


    Scott spends most of his time working on the CurraNZ brand but has a not-so-secret side hustle with the fishing and media company he started after Mike passed away. Many CurraNZ promotional pictures and videos are his creation.

    Fleur is based in the UK and Scott resides in New Zealand. Together we are helping people everywhere better understand the benefits of NZ blackcurrants so they can be their personal best.