Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams

Fitness fanatic, and TV personality, Vogue Williams is the new face of CurraNZ. She uses CurraNZ to support consistent, high-quality training with fast recovery.

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Fitness is a core part of your lifestyle. What if you had a sports supplement that could help improve performance, endurance, fat burning and recovery?

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Brain health is just as important as physical health and we all want to keep our brains as young as we feel.

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With your busy lifestyle, there’s a lot to fit in and you don’t want to sacrifice your wellbeing. What if you could get more out of every workout?

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Perfected in nature, proven in science.

CurraNZ is a breakthrough, 100% natural, supplement, boasting a unique combination of proven health and fitness benefits. Made from the ‘King of Superfoods’, New Zealand blackcurrants, CurraNZ is a natural food extract packed with anthocyanins that support health, wellness, sports performance and recovery. Not only this, but they can also accelerate fat burning during exercise by a third.

A World Leading Superfood

Antioxidant rich.

  • Fat Burning

    Unprecedented fat burning gains during exercise
  • 100% Natural

    100% Natural sports and health supplement
  • Circulatory hero!

    Promotes circulation and oxygen delivery through vasodilation
  • "Perfect Prescription"

    Packed with blackcurrant anthocyanins for brain health and longevity - BBC

What Our Customers Say

I have competed for more than 30 years in IronMan, ultra running, marathon and since taking CurraNZ, as well as recovering much quicker, I have noticed improved stamina and can keep going at a high intensity for longer.

I will continue to use CurraNZ and will highly recommend to my athletes. The only negative is it works so well, I am unlikely tell any athlete in the same age group as me!

I've been hugely impressed that CurraNZ not only backs up the blackcurrant sports research, but actually delivers exactly what it's supposed to. The results left me shocked, it works so well. After just a week, I noticed increased performance levels, extra energy and significantly less muscle stiffness and fatigue. My body felt good to go again the day after. It’s a must for any athlete.

I’ve suffered from chronic nerve pain and fatigue for 15-16 years and my condition reduced my ability to exercise, which I hated, as I was so active up until my early 20s. CurraNZ has been instrumental in helping me return to daily exercise, without suffering the terrible muscle soreness, and it prevents my condition flaring.

It’s given me a totally natural, much-needed boost to my energy levels, it’s helped my chronic fatigue and reduced my pain levels. I’m now able to do more in a day, including cycling to work, which is a big thing. I wouldn’t be without CurraNZ now – it’s essential for me.

I am an extreme triathlete and won the 2016 European Xterra championship for my age-group with help from CurraNZ. I can’t stress enough how much I used to suffer after a race. My legs would be in tatters and I couldn’t walk downstairs for days. Usually by Thursday I could just tolerate someone touching my legs, it was so painful.

The difference CurraNZ has made to my recovery is amazing – absolutely amazing. After racing the Outlaw IronMan triathlon I could’ve trained a day later, had it not been for the blisters on my feet. Any muscle discomfort now almost goes unnoticed. Everyone should be using CurraNZ.