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    Professor Mark Willems

    Professor of Exercise Physiology, program co-ordinator for the MSc in Sport and Exercise Physiology, University of Chichester. A former member of the National Dutch Handball and Military teams, Professor Willems, has led the British sports, exercise and health studies on New Zealand blackcurrants over the last decade. A highly published author, Professor Willems’ research interests are focused on muscle physiology, muscle fatigue, muscle injury, ageing and exercise, eccentric exercise, supplementation and exercise and exercise in clinical populations. His work has investigated New Zealand blackcurrant, matcha green tea, and blueberries.

    Dr Sam Shepherd

    Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Nutrition, Liverpool John Moores University. A long-distance triathlete with a research focus on sport and exercise nutrition for health and performance. Co-Director and Head Performance Nutritionist at Total Endurance Nutrition.

    Dr Juliette Strauss

    Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Health Metabolism, Liverpool John Moores University. A triathlete with a research focus on lipid storage and utilisation and novel training and nutritional interventions. Co-Director and Head Performance Nutritionist at Total Endurance Nutrition.

    Dr Julie Hunt

    Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Sciences, Academic, School of Biosciences and Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Surrey. An alumni of Loughborough University, Dr Hunt has been a physiologist advisor to British Triathlon. Her research interests lie with skeletal muscle and vascular adaptations to exercise in healthy and clinical populations.

    Dr Matthew Cook

    Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science, MPhil/PhD Course Leader for the School of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Worcester. The first academic in the world to undertake a PhD in New Zealand blackcurrant for sports performance, Dr Cook's thesis examined the effect of New Zealand blackcurrant extract on physiological responses at rest and during exercise in trained cyclists. Dr Cook's current research is examining cardiovascular and metabolic responses during exercise with New Zealand Blackcurrant.


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