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    Fitness is a core part of your lifestyle. You want to challenge yourself and strive to meet your goals. What if you had a sports supplement that could help improve performance, endurance, fat burning and recovery? You could schedule your fitness routine around your targets, rather than your limits. This all means you can train and work harder, for longer.

    CurraNZ is a 100% natural sports and health supplement containing only low-sugar super-fruit­ - blackcurrants. Certified by Informed-Sport, the globally-recognised program provides assurances that products have been tested for substances banned in sport worldwide. It provides athletes with assurances that products like CurraNZ have the highest degree of security that they are safer to use.

    Curranz sports recovery benefits

    • Significantly increases sports performance – scientific research shows CurraNZ increases speed and distance covered by athletes
    • Has an unprecedented effect on fat burning metabolism, increasing fat loss by up to a third during exercise
    • Reduces fatigue and enhances lactate clearance, allowing for greater exercise intensity
    • Faster recovery times as result of improved tissue repair and enhanced immune responses. Helps reduce delayed onset muscle soreness

    What is CurraNZ?

    CurraNZ is made of one thing, and one thing only, blackcurrants. New Zealand blackcurrants have the highest recorded anthocyanin values and antioxidant activity of any berry and they’re low in sugar too.

    What are Anthocyanins?

    Anthocyanins are the naturally occurring plant compound that gives the fruit their deep purple colouring. Anthocyanins have multiple sport performance and recovery benefits.

    Anthocyanins are the compound responsible for increasing blood flow by up to 35%. This results in increased haemoglobin and oxygen uptake and utilisation during exercise. The powerful vasorelaxation effect means your muscles work less hard for the same output, allowing you to really challenge your sporting goals and set new targets.

    Ground breaking scientific research shows significant improvements in sporting performance when 'athletes' take CurraNZ. Cycling time trials showed faster completion times up to 8.6% and sprinting trials shows distance covered increase by 10.8%.

    Our studies show CurraNZ increased lactate clearance in 64% of participants and reduced fatigue. Athletes’ time to exhaustion increased by 15% and footballers lowered their fatigue index by 12%. These benefits help you to increase your exercise intensity and improve endurance.

    Finally, the high antioxidant count of blackcurrants reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, helping reduce muscle damage and soreness during and post exercise. The antiviral and immune boosting abilities of blackcurrants assist speedier tissue repair.

    CurraNZ contains 2500 New Zealand blackcurrants per carton of 30 capsules, with a 35% anthocyanin extract formula. This all means you can train and work harder, for longer.