New Zealand blackcurrants deliver vasodilation properties (increased blood flow from widened arteries) that strengthen the cardiovascular system to enhance the exercise experience and maintain general wellbeing

    Positive Effect on Blood Flow

    Blackcurrants are prized for their positive effect on blood flow. Blackcurrants ‘relax’ the body’s small and large blood vessels which opens up the circulation ‘highway’, resulting in an increase in blood flow around to the body’s vital organs, peripheral tissues, skeletal muscle and even the smallest of blood vessels (such as the eye, whose integrity is utterly reliant on blood flow).

    The New Zealand blackcurrants we use in CurraNZ contain higher levels of anthocyanins than any other blackcurrants in the world. These anthocyanins improve endothelial function, which give large arteries their elastic properties. Our research has shown that CurraNZ has a significant effect on improving this ‘elastic’ property of the femoral artery by expanding its total diameter during muscle contraction, resulting in 20%-35% greater blood flow through the body’s main artery.

    This relaxation of the body’s blood vessels reduces the 'pressure' in the cardiovascular system, leading to lower central blood pressure and allowing the heart to more effectively shunt blood around the body.

    Our research has shown CurraNZ leads to large increases in cardiac output , stroke volume, and improved oxygen delivery and muscle function, making exercise an easier experience and improving performance. Plus, the boost to blood flow helps remove metabolites generated from exercise, meaning you’ll enjoy faster recovery.

    The implications could potentially be very exciting for those who have impaired arterial function, such as hardening of the arteries which is common in older age, and because of impaired circulation, find exercise difficult.

    Make CurraNZ the Active Ingredient in your life!