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    Scientific studies worldwide underpin the evidence of the plant components found in blackcurrants. The CurraNZ research program is uncovering how NZ blackcurrant extract has significant potential performance and recovery benefits for athletes. 


    Beneficial Effects of New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract on Maximal Sprint Speed during the Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test 

    Published: August, 2016, Special Issue: Sport Nutrition for Health and Performance
    • Synopsis
    • Study assessed whether NZBC could help athletes maintain the performance of repeated maximal sprints in field sports, especially in latter stages of game
    • Eight of 13 participants had higher running times to exhaustion after consuming CurraNZ
    • Those participants who increased time to exhaustion did so by on average 15%
    • NZBC intake allowed for better maintenance of the fastest sprint time during LIST
    • Participants tolerated higher heart rate values and ran for longer at higher intensity
    • Particpants showed reduced slowing of the fastest sprints at exhaustive stages

    Effects of New Zealand Blackcurrant on Cardiovascular Function at Rest in Cyclists: A Dose-Response Study. 

    Abstract released 2016 American College of Sports Medicine Conference.
    • Synopsis
    • CurraNZ extract increases circulation 20.2%
    • Increased cardiac output 27.5%
    • Effect on blood volume pumped may enhance post-exercise recovery in athletes
    • May be beneficial for clinical populations affected by reduced circulation

    Metabolic and Physiological Responses by New Zealand Blackcurrant during Cycling: A dose-response study

    Abstract selected for special thematic session at the 2016 American College of Sports Medicine Conference, Boston
    • Synopsis
    • Respiratory Exchange Ratio decreased 2.49% / 2.48% for 600mg and 900mg/day
    • Change indicated enhanced fat oxidation
    • Increased fat oxidation by New Zealand blackcurrant extract may enhance performance

    CurraNZ Improves High-Intensity Intermittent Running 

    • Synopsis
    • CurraNZ blackcurrant extract improved distance covered during sprints by 10.8% (mean), with 1 in 3 subjects improving more than 15%.
    • A trend towards higher lactate at exhaustion
    • Intake of CurraNZ blackcurrant extract is associated with increased lactate clearance after exercise indicating improved recovery.

    CurraNZ improves cycling performance in recovery in trained endurance athletes

    • Synopsis
    • Improves cycling performance by up to 8.6%
    • Improves tolerance to lactate
    • Showed greater lactate clearance post 20 mins recovery

    Beneficial physiological effects of New Zealand blackcurrant intake on Endurance Athletes

    • Synopsis
    • Delayed OBLA, complete shift of the lactate curve
    • Lower lactate and increased power at maximum oxygen uptake
    • Up to 27% lower lactate across all cycling intensities
    • Conclusion: Observations suggest increased lactate clearance
    Willems, Mark E. T. , Myers, Stephen D. , Cook, M. D. and Gault, Mandy L. (2014) In: Annual International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference and Expo, 20-21 June 2014, Clearwater Beach, FL, USA. (In Press)

    Beneficial effect of New Zealand blackcurrant on maximal sprint speeds during the Loughborough intermittent Shuttle Test.

    • Synopsis
    • Intake of CurraNZ is associated with an ability to reduce slowing of the fastest sprint time during LIST
    • 8 out of 13 subjects increased their times

    Effect of New Zealand blackcurrant on resting cardiovascular function in triathletes.

    • Synopsis
    • Increased stroke volume by 25%
    • Increased cardiac output by 26%
    • Decreased peripheral resistance by 16%
    • Conclusion: NZ blackcurrant may support recovery strategies for sports performance 
    Willems, Mark E. T. , Myers, Stephen D. , Cook, M. D. and Gault, Mandy L. (2014) In: Annual International Society of Sports Nutrition Conference and Expo, 20-21 June 2014, Clearwater Beach, FL, USA. (In Press)

    Blackcurrants endothelium Dependent Vasorelaxtion Induced by Blackcurrant Concentrate in Rat Thoracic

    • Synopsis
    • Induces vasorelasation via increased levels of nitric oxide
    • Increased blood flow helps prevent muscle fatigue

    Plant &Food Research Institute: NZ Blackcurrant for Sports Performance

    • Synopsis
    • Blackcurrant consumption modulates exercise-induced oxidative stress and inflammatory responses

    New Zealand blackcurrant may assist sports recovery and immunity

    • Synopsis
    • Assists the natural benefits of exercise
    • Controls oxidative stress and inflammation
    • Assits immune protection - enhanced immunity
    • Speedier tissue repair, recovery and performance
    • Train/work harder and for longer