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    We’re part of the scientific movement unlocking a critical understanding of anthocyanins

    The interest in the family of polyphenolic compounds, known as anthocyanins, has increased dramatically in the last decade, with over 11,000 published papers now in the scientific literature.

    When we started the company ten years ago, very little was known about blackcurrant anthocyanins and there were very few studies on this highly nutritious, potent berry.

    We have made many world-first discoveries and has helped ignite a wider interest in blackcurrant within the scientific community.

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    Why buy mulitple supplements when one will do?

    For more serious athletes

    If you want your old limits to become your new targets, CurraNZ can help you break that PB barrier with its three-in-one benefits.

    • One of the most effective performance-enhancers in sports nutrition
    • Guaranteed to aid muscle recovery
    • Supports immunity, for optimal health and consistency in training
    • Helps reduce overtraining syndrome - Supports performance and reduces gastro-intestinal stress in hot conditions
    • Quality assurances, Informed-Sport certified


    Tips and tricks – are you getting the best out of CurraNZ?


    Whether this is your first or 50th time you’ve purchased CurraNZ, check out our dosing advice to make sure you’re getting the most out of your supplement.


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