World Champions reveal: 'CurraNZ was the secret to our last-second comebacks'

    on August 15, 2023

    The German men's hockey team has sensationally credited CurraNZ for giving them the winning edge in their Hockey World Cup victory in India in January.

    The team stormed to the Final after last-second victories against England and Australia in the quarter and semi finals, before defeating defending world champions Belgium in a thrilling penalty shootout.

    Player Mo Ludwig, pictured left, and his teammates were using two capsules of CurraNZ the week leading up to the World Cup, and for the duration of the event, declaring before the Final: '@Curranzsport, the secret to our Last-Second Comebacks - one more time!'

    Team doctor, Dr Philip Ibe, said after the team's sensational win:

    'The boys have mentioned CurraNZ as one of our reasons for their last-second wins in the knock-out matches and it played a key role in our success. 

    "Player recovery was much faster and the guys didn’t have symptoms of exhaustion at the end of their games.

    "This was clear in the last week, when they had four matches, leading to the Final, in seven days. Usually fatigue to become evident from the quarter-final onwards, but there was no real sign that this was the case.

    "The scores in the knock-out rounds show that we always took the opportunity to come back and score right in the late stages of the matches - the players were able to give 100% physically and mentally because they weren’t experiencing the fatigue you would expect, and I attribute this to CurraNZ.

    "They were consistently ten seconds faster and earlier onto the ball at the end of their matches, which gave us opportunities to stage late comebacks against England and Australia.

    "In my eyes this reduced player fatigue and exhaustion, compared to our rivals, was a sign that that CurraNZ gave us a competitive advantage over our opponents." 

    Our science has shown time and again that CurraNZ provides a competitive advantage, particularly in the latter stages of game play, when a disproportionate number of goals are scored due to player fatigue.

    As well as earlier studies showing it reduces fatigue by an average 12% in running based sports, our latest performance study showed CurraNZ improves dynamic agility and sprint times  by over 3% in rugby players. These are significant numbers when it comes down to small margins on the big stage.