The compounds most people are deficient in, that can amplify the benefits of exercise

    on December 18, 2023

    If your 2024 goal is to increase your fitness or hit a new target, then you may be deficient in certain compounds that amplify the benefits of exercise - and not even know it.

    Most people don't consume enough purple anthocyanins, natural plant phytochemicals found in purple plants.

    Scientists regard them as daily dietary staples for athletes, but few people know this.

    With consumption rates as low as a pitiful 12mg/day in the US, it's a fair to assume purple anthocyanins are missing from most people's diets in this part of the world. 

    Fortunately, CurraNZ is a superb blackcurrant extract that really packs a punch for fitness fans, with one capsule containing 105mg of purple anthocyanins. 

    Made from a berry powerhouse, New Zealand blackcurrants, CurraNZ is a force to be reckoned with, thanks its well-researched health and fitness benefits. 

    CurraNZ has been shown to improve:  

    • Fat metabolism
    • Cardiovascular health
    • Exercise performance
    • Recovery after exercise

    Here's a rundown of how CurraNZ can help elevate your workout results and help you 'suffer better' this year: 

    1. Fat metabolism

    Incorporating CurraNZ into your daily routine will increase fat burning and improve exercise performance - without changing any other aspect of your diet.

    Over ten studies have shown CurraNZ increases fat metabolism in average ranges of 21%-66% at rest and exercise (1-7), in men and women and in hot temperatures. This is a particularly notable benefit for those who exercise in the heat, which causes fat burning to plummet. 

    2. Blood flow, enhanced muscle function

    CurraNZ is a natural vasodilator (8-9), meaning it widens blood vessels, boosts circulation and increases oxygen take-up, so muscles don't have to work so hard and experience less fatigue. 

    Blood flow is not only critical to good health, but fundamental for exercise performance and recovery. 

    3. Recovery from exercise

    Recovery strategies will be crucial if you're planning on increasing your level of exercise this year. 

    Keeping control of inflammation and oxidative stress will dictate your recovery time, regularity of training and how well your immune copes.

    CurraNZ is a powerful antioxidant that also manages inflammation, which is a natural response to training (9).   

    Exercise is a double-edged sword as some degree of inflammation is an essential part of the recovery process and can promote training adaptations, so you don’t want to reduce it entirely.

    But, it can can delay the recovery process significantly if inflammation is prolonged, which leads to poor recovery.

    Keeping it in check is important, particularly for anyone who trains daily or on consecutive days, to ensure quality training sessions are maintained.

    Anthocynains provide the body with tools that help the immune system work effectively and help reduce inflammation. 

    Blackcurrants are an excellent example of a nutrient-dense polyphenol to incorporate into your diet. 

    Research on CurraNZ - a high-potency anthocyanin extract - shows that they enhance the body’s antioxidant capacity and therefore supports the immune system and recovery processes. 

    If you're looking to accelerate recovery three-times faster, halve soreness and be primed for the challenges that lay ahead, look no further than CurraNZ (10-13).

    Dosing guide:

    Recovery: 1-2 capsules, before exercise, on the days you train

    Fat burning, cardiovascular function, performance: 2 capsules, with 7 days loading. Take 2 hours before exercise.  Redose during sessions of 8hrs or more

    Versatile CurraNZ
    Take it as a capsule, add it to smoothies or juices - it's versatile and convenient to fit around your daily schedule.




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