Student powers through Freshers Flu season to hit winter training targets

    on December 19, 2023

    Our customer of the month is Loughborough University student Rosie Woodhams, an emerging talent in the British running scene.

    The criminology student is a regular in 5km and 10km at the British University Champs and races cross-country events in the winter. With uphill mountain racing her specialty, Rosie is looking forward to taking part in some mountain races in Europe next season and stepping up her distances. 

    Having battled with 'Freshers Flu' in the first semester of University previously, Rosie deployed CurraNZ after a recommendation from a running friend.


    Rosie writes: “I found CurraNZ through a friend on social media and was immediately drawn in by her reports that it supported her immune system throughout the winter.

    “After missing or underperforming at several races last winter due to illness I decided to try it. Since using CurraNZ for the past couple of months I've noticed a huge difference with the immune support in relation to my training.

    As a result of this, and CurraNZ's recovery properties, in the past month I’ve managed to complete my biggest-ever training weeks leading into the British Cross Challenge (European Cross Country trials) in Liverpool.

    The race didn't go to plan though, I fell over a few strides into the race then got badly spiked while on the ground. I was pleased with how much ground I managed to make up considering, and finished one place better than last year despite the fall, but I was still quite disappointed as I know I could do a lot better.

    Rosie finished in the top 25% of the field and two weeks later, posted a PB in the Telford 10km, a highly competitive event that attracts elites and sub-elites.

    With the national cross-country champs in her sights in February, we wish Rosie all the best for what looks an exciting year in 2024.