Groundbreaking study findings show CurraNZ can help insulin resistance and obesity

    on November 21, 2023

    A new study ‘first’ shows that taking CurraNZ could effectively help improve insulin resistance and fight obesity.

    Just one week’s intake improved insulin sensitivity - how responsive cells are to insulin.

    Remarkably, it also reduced sugar spikes after a meal in overweight/obese individuals to the same extent as four weeks of regular exercise.

    Mike Wakeman, Clinical Pharmacist and author (pictured, right), says: “The data from this latest study is great news. It adds to the weight of evidence that is really building now.

    "We are seeing the CurraNZ extract may deliver a whole host of health benefits from warding off the development of metabolic disorders in overweight and obese people, heart health benefits in older adults, to providing clinically significant cardioprotective effects.

    And, recent studies have shown that this clever extract has unprecedented fat burning effects at rest and during activity. "

    The study, published in European Journal of Nutrition, investigated the effect of daily intake of our high-potency blackcurrant extract in sedentary obese and overweight individuals under ‘free living’ conditions. Two capsules a day:

    • Improved insulin sensitivity by a staggering +22%
    • Free-living postprandial glucose responses to both breakfast and lunch meals were reduced -9% and -8% respectively
    • Reduced circulating levels of the inflammatory marker C-Reactive Protein by 24%


    Dr Sam Shepherd, Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Nutrition (left), who led the study, said: “These latest research findings are really exciting, with the potential of New Zealand blackcurrant extract to have an even greater effect in unhealthy people.

    “We know that exercise and specific diets can improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of metabolic disorders, and CurraNZ may provide another approach.

    “The big difference is its implementation, as unlike exercise and diet, taking two blackcurrant capsules a day doesn’t require a lot of effort from the user.”


    Type 2 diabetes sufferer and GP, Dr Gill Jenkins notes: “The results of this study are very interesting and encouraging. This type of research is the first of its kind and is welcome news.  

    “A change in diet and lifestyle is sometimes a long process, but if this New Zealand blackcurrant extract can also be used as an adjutant in the journey and as a strategy to help reduce insulin resistance, then it is very exciting prospect.” 

    In summary, Dr Shepherd notes: “The additional benefits for fat oxidation and blood flow are all linked to an improvement in insulin sensitivity. 

    “We’re now starting to build a picture of how New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanin extract is working to improve health. We’ve demonstrated it can improve whole body insulin sensitivity and further studies will look at whether it’s related to improved fat oxidation, or blood flow, or something else. For now, what we do know is that the effect New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanin extract is having is great news.”


    Short‑term, but not acute, intake of New Zealand blackcurrant extract improves insulin sensitivity and free‑living postprandial glucose excursions in individuals with overweight or obesity, European Journal of Nutrition, July 2020. Authors: A. Nolan1 · R. Brett1 · J. A. Strauss1 · C. E. Stewart1 · S. O. Shepherd1