Runners World UK showcases CurraNZ 'the superfood you need in your life'

    on February 22, 2024

    Runners World UK have seized upon the latest CurraNZ running study, showing that one dose of three capsules of CurraNZ can improve 5km running performance by an average of 38 seconds (March issue, page 15)


    The University of Chester study, published in October, shows for the first time that if you forget to load on CurraNZ before your race, a single higher dose can deliver a performance effect for 5km runners.

    Great news for Parkrunners wanting to boost their times - just remember to take our 'super supplement' two hours before the start time. 

    We all know we need CurraNZ in our lives, whether we're recreational exercisers or elite athletes - so it's great to see the UK's No1 Running Magazine showcasing our brilliant findings.