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    'I was surprised at the findings' - British researcher discusses CurraNZ breakthroughs in Mikkipedia podcast

    on July 17, 2023

    Dr Sam Shepherd, Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Nutrition (pictured left), is an academic staff member with teaching duties at the UK's prestigious Liverpool John Moores University.

    Also an Ironman triathlete and co-founder of Total Endurance Nutrition consultancy, Dr Shepherd is one of the key researchers involved in the exploration of CurraNZ. 

    In the podcast, he describes his 'surprise' at the results he's uncovered, with one week's intake eliciting similar physiological effects that are usually seen after three months of exercise.

    Sam’s research aims to develop exercise and/or nutritional strategies to improve cardio-metabolic health, maximising the metabolic adaptations to acute and chronic exercise training and manipulate fat burning and carbohydrate oxidation to enhance health, adaptations to training and performance.

    In this podcast, Dr Shepherd is interviewed by Mikki Williden, PhD, on the performance and the health applications of the supplement, and how Sam sees its potential for athletes and the general population alike.
    They kick off the episode by talking about the wider research team that Sam works with (James Morton, Graeme Close, Mark Hearris) investigating the concept of ‘fuel for the work required’ and how our understanding of fuelling the athlete has changed over time.
    Podcast link - click here:
    If you're tight on time, you can jump straight to the topics covered with our guide below:
    - Fat oxidation and energy metabolism - 23:42
    - Ergogenic effects and future directions - 26:25 
    - Female fat oxidation study - 31:20
    - Muscle glycogen and exercise capacity - 35:00
    - Repeat dosing for long events 39:15
    - Recovery - 41:00
    - Immunity - 44:10
    - Insulin sensitivity - 47:00
    - Mitochondrial benefits and the future - 56:00
    Sam reveals his initial skepticism about the supplement and how he is excited for the future work. 
    It’s a far-reaching conversation that you are going to enjoy, athlete and health enthusiast alike.
    Listen to the podcast here.