'I know I couldn't have completed and excelled in these races - it's been transformative'

    on January 12, 2024


    Meet customer of the month, US-based Jordan Roe, who has conquered new heights since discovering CurranNZ for his ultra running. 

    Jordan writes:
    "As an avid runner for the past 4 years, I have recently achieved (what was previously an unthinkable) feat, I completed and set PRs in a 50-mile race, 50k race, and 10K race - all within a month.

    "I know without a doubt I couldn’t have achieved these goals without the addition of CurranNZ to my daily routine. I’m confident my recent success is attributed to the transformative impact of CurranNZ.

    "I heard about CurranNZ on the Trail Runner Nation podcast and the supplement has been a game-changer in my training routine.

    "This natural supplement has seamlessly integrated into my daily regimen, undoubtedly enhancing my endurance and recovery.

    "Taking CurranNZ every day has played a crucial role in reducing muscle soreness and fatigue, allowing me to push my limits and achieve milestones that seemed insurmountable before.

    "To my fellow ultra-runners seeking to reach your peak potential: CurranNZ has become a new constant companion in my routine and should be added to yours too!

    "Lace-up your shoes and go chase your extraordinary feats."



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