Ultra-runner records one of the fastest times in historic US ultra-marathon with CurraNZ

    on July 01, 2024

    Hawks: 'I wanted to show what I am capable of - this was a massive PB for me in hot conditions'


    Top US ultra-runner Hayden Hawks (left) become the latest athlete using CurraNZ to podium at the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run in Auburn, California, recording a massive 83-minute PB in the scorching conditions.

    Second in 2022, Hayden ran a blistering time at the event last month when podiuming and smashing his goal for the race.

    In one of the fastest renewals ever held and on his comeback from knee surgery, Hawks (below and left) finished in a time of 14:24:31, well under his goal of 15 hours.

    For context, was a mere nine seconds behind runner-up Rod Farvard (14:24:15) and just nine minutes from winner, the current race record-holder and three-time previous winner, Jim Walmsley.

    The trio posted three of the four fastest times in the history of America’s oldest ultramarathon, which is even more impressive given the mercury soared into the low 90s. 

    Hawks (above, sprinting to the finish line) joins a growing band of runners who rate CurraNZ for its performance effects in events like Western States, following on from 2022 winner Ruth Croft and fifth-placed Dan Jones on his debut in 2023.

    The 33-year-old runner and coach from Utah trains and races with the supplement and redosed every 4-5 hours during the race (pictured below, with a CurraNZ capsule). 



    Reflecting on his result with CurraNZ, Hayden says: “I’m a huge advocate of this well researched product and have felt a significant difference since using the product over the last few years.

    "After seeing the gains, I realised this could help me in my goals to winning some of the biggest races in the world.

    “My gut held up great during and after the race this time with CurraNZ, I had no GI issues, my energy levels were high during the race, which was a lot different from previous years.

    “In fact, it didn’t feel hot to me and I was able to stay cool and feel cool throughout the race. I was digesting my nutrition extremely well and benefiting from the energy from that.

    “My finishing time shows a lot of this. I ran the 4th fastest time ever in 14:24:31 and I ran a massive personal best in hot conditions. I feel really proud about that and honestly don't know if I could've done much more on the day."

    “I am happy with my performance and how my body held up and is recovering. I'm taking two CurraNZ a day morning and at night and getting ready for CCC in August now."

    This race is close to Hayden's heart, having been taken by the folklore and reputation of the race in his earlier years.  

    He says: “Western States means a lot to me. It is the race that first inspired me when I got into this sport. I knew I was capable of so much more and am happy with the weekend's performance, but am still hungry and feel like I can still improve!

    This was a race that I always wanted to do as a kid and I knew I was capable of this performance and I was able to show it.”


    Validated to improve running performance up to 11%, slash recovery time and reduce symptoms of GI stress in the heat, CurraNZ offers unprecedented benefits for runners.  

    Hawks adds, “As a pro athlete, this is my career, I’m really careful with what I put in my body. I only put in what I trust and believe in. I’ve seen the positive effects showed with my Inside Tracker results - all my biomarkers drastically improved to become optimal after introducing the product. 

    “I don’t just throw things in hoping for good numbers. I thought this through, I believe in the product, I love the research - and it works.”

    Hayden’s attentions now turn to the European circuit, with his main objective the ‘world championships’ of ultra-running at UTMB at Chamonix, France in August, where he will take on the 100km CCC, a race he last won in 2017, setting a course record in the process.

    Many thanks to our friends at Precision Fuel & Hydration for supplying the  images.