CurraNZ powered - 50 ultras down and more to go!

    on March 06, 2024

    Long-time CurraNZ fan, endurance runner Rachel Ball, has credited our blackcurrant supplement for helping her hit her a milestone of 50 marathon and ultra-distance races – and is looking ahead to notching 100. 

    From Durham, Rachel ran her first marathon in 2011 but soon started mixing it up with longer-format races over trail up to distances of over 100 miles.

    Since running her first marathon 12 years ago, and first ‘ultra’ two years later, she’s enjoyed 11 podiums and 14 top-ten female spots.

    Rachel says: “If I’m honest I’m not quite sure how this happened; it was just like a snowball effect.”

    She has been using CurraNZ since 2017, which she says has been invaluable, allowing her to recover well from the high training volume that’s allowed her to compete 35 trail marathons and ultras and 15 road marathons.

    “CurraNZ is brilliant to use within races as well, especially long ultras to help the blood flow to muscles and delay fatigue. I’ve noticed they keep you moving forwards at a decent pace. I wouldn’t be without them.” 

    Impressively, Rachel has only had seven ‘DNFs’ in that time - an impressive 88% finish rate.

    She observes: “CurraNZ has helped me maintain consistency over the years by kick-starting the repair process after training and racing, so I’ve been able to rack up the volume of races."  


    Rachel kicked off her 2024 season with the Arc of Attrition ‘50 miler’ in January, which bought up her half-century. We wish her all the best and look forward to following her progress!