Arc of Attrition - CurraNZ athletes shine

    on March 06, 2024

    This year's Arc of Attrition lived up to its name (when does it not?), with several CurraNZ athletes taking on this 'beast'.

    With a DNF rate as high as 74%, this race is coined as the UK’s toughest winter 100-mile ultra foot race - and only the hardy finish.

    Off the back of a long injury layoff last year, vegan runner Chris Kelly, the 2022 British Ultra Trail Champion (pictured, below), finished a remarkable fourth, despite his strong misgivings.

    Chris says, "I always said I’d never do this 100-mile race, which is over 5,000 meters of Cornish coastline mostly at night. But here we are...

    "I went into the race just wanting to get some confidence back and do myself justice after the disaster that was last year. In hindsight I shouldn’t have run Lakeland 100 after only being off crutches for nine weeks following my fractures and the technical stuff knocked my confidence, especially on descents. 

    "As the race went on here I managed to pull myself together mentally and I finally started to find some rhythm, despite the course doing its very best to prevent that happening. It wasn’t until the final climb up to the eco park in Porthtowan that I knew I had fourth place in the bag. As I said at the finish, that was a spicy little number!!'

    Zuzana Nemeckova from On Track Nutritionist (pictured, below), was also lining up for her first go at 'Arc'.

    She says: 'Arc of Attrition was by far the most challenging race I’ve been mad enough to sign up for and my goal was just to finish. This might not seem ambitious but Arc of Attrition is not ordinary race. 
    "As with any race, there are many controllables and uncontrollables. 
    One of those controllables I’ve been paying particular attention to lately is supporting my recovery during training and after races. 
    "My recovery after running 100 miles for 33 hours exceeded my expectations. The muscle soreness didn’t hit as hard as it has in the past after much shorter races! Without a doubt, I attribute this to using CurraNZ.
    "The product has been part of my recovery tool kit since I found out about it just over a year ago. I take this natural supplement daily for maintenance and I increase the dose leading up to races and immediately afterwards. I found that super dosing helps with enhancing my performance, reducing muscle soreness and speeding up recovery.
    "Anyone serious about running should give CurraNZ a try. It’s been a game-changer for me."
    Rachel Ball (left), tackled the 50 miler and despite more obstacles than just the difficult terrain, saw the challenge through to the end.
    "Even when I think back now I can’t remember a lot of the race, I was just on auto pilot staring at the ground moving forwards to get to the finish!
    "Not an ideal way to spend a race but a good reminder that you can tolerate tough times if your mind is willing to go there, your body will follow."
    Congratulations to our athletes, who finished one of the most attritional ultras on the UK calendar.