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    UESCA-certified nutrition coach sold on CurraNZ

    on April 03, 2024

    Hi everyone! My name is Annie Palacios, and I am a 3:40 marathoner, Boston Marathon Qualifier, and an Abbott WMM World Championship Competitor in 2023. I am also a UESCA Certified Endurance Sports Nutrition Coach. I have learned firsthand the vital role nutrition plays in endurance sports - whether to supply the appropriate fuel and energy requirements the body needs to perform; to assist in muscle recovery and repair; and to strengthen the immune system to function at its best.

    When I learned about CurraNZ, I was immediately drawn to the science behind the product and research-backed studies touting the performance-related benefits of New Zealand black currant supplementation for athletes. The CurraNZ team kindly sent me some of their product to test for myself and record my experiences for the first 30 days of usage. My results are shown in this scorecard, and they are nothing short of impressive.

    You will see that I initially began to see improvement in my post training energy and fatigue levels around my 8th day of taking the product. Then, the improvements began to extend to reduced perceived exertion and greater endurance felt during my training sessions. The scoring continued to show noticeable improvements during training and during recovery periods from the 19th all the way to the 30th day of usage. Needless to say, I am hooked!

    I have big running goals for this year, and one is to target a 3:19 marathon in the winter. I will definitely be incorporating CurraNZ supplements in the months ahead! Stay tuned for more updates on my journey through Instagram @palaciosannie