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    The value of food supplements to fill nutrient gaps

    on March 14, 2023


    The recent UK supermarket shortages of fruit and vegetables is a timely reminder that supplementing can fill nutrient gaps in times of scarcity. 

    Whilst a balanced, varied diet is always recommended, our natural range of high-potency berry-based food supplements are a great way to conveniently add guaranteed quantities of nutrients into your routine.

    With the threat of spring and summer hayfevers on the horizon, a high-quality, balanced diet is important at this time of the year and supplementing can add extra support.

    We all want our food to work harder for us and dark berry-based anthocyanins are amongst the most important phenolics in foods, yet very few people consume enough on a daily basis.

    Which is why daily supplementation of CurraNZ products is a good habit to get into. With 100kg-150kg of fresh fruit going into every 1kg of our extract, it takes serious quantities of blackcurrants to create CurraNZ - with the equivalent of a large handful in every capsule. 

    Inject some purple power to your morning favourites by simply adding a whole CurraNZ capsule straight into your smoothies, porridge, yoghurt or apple juice!

     Eat more of nature's colour warriors - anthocyanins

    As protective phytochemicals, the role of anthocyanins is to shield plants from everything that the environment throws at them.

    These ‘colour warriors’ are stimulated by extremes of temperature, altitude and ultraviolet sunlight. The deeper and darker the colour, the higher the concentrations of anthocyanins.

    We use the world’s most bioactive-dense blackcurrant to create CurraNZ products, with New Zealand’s intense ultra-violet sunlight and long summer days producing a berry with 1.5 times more anthocyanins than its European counterparts.  

    CurraNZ Original Blackcurrant Anthocyanin Extract is the most extensively researched blackcurrant supplement of its type on the international market and sets the global standard.

    We've created the brilliant companion supplement, CurraNZ Immune, to provide additional immune support.

    Featuring a host of anthocyanin-rich sources equivalent to 2,500mg of fresh berries, CurraNZ Immune contains our Immuno3B formulation, a botanical anthocyanin superblend containing CurraNZ blackcurrant, elderberry and blueberry extract, plus cherry acerola.

    Completed with naturally-sourced Vitamin C, D, A, beta glucans and selenium, CurraNZ Immune is designed to be a natural food-based supplement, free of synthetic ingredients, to support your immune system, as nature intended.

    *Supplements should not be used to replace a varied diet