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    Six-time cancer survivor shows 'anything is possible' as he eyes the ‘Seven Continents Club’ with CurraNZ

    on November 04, 2022



    THIS World Cancer day, we’re celebrating six-time cancer survivor and marathon runner Jonathan Acott, who is set to join the remarkable ‘Seven Continents Club, using CurraNZ.

    Jonathan, 48 (left), a performance coach and motivational speaker, is showing that "anything is possible if you know your limitations not your limits".

    With the Curaçao marathon next, Jonathan is midway through his attempt to join an elite group of around 900 athletes to have completed a marathon on all seven continents in the world. 

    Having completed the Berlin (European Continent), Marrakesh (African Continent) and Austin (North America) Marathons, four Continents remain on his remarkable challenge.

    With South America (Curaçao) in his sights this month, he envisages completing Dubai (Asia), Perth (Australasia) in 2023 culminating with Antarctica in 2024.

    Jonathan’s hope is that his determination to thrive, to celebrate his health and make the most of himself provides huge encouragement and inspiration to others whose life may not be going as they had hoped.

    He says: “I was first diagnosed with cancer in 2004 which means a quarter of my life has been spent living with cancer.

    "Six times I have heard the words ‘it’s cancer’, but I have also climbed mountains and swum lakes, walked on fire and run marathons.

    "I have thrived in life because I have learned resilience, pragmatism, perspective and I have learned to listen to my body.

    “There are millions of other people who are surviving cancer but they can't get out there and exercise the way they want to. I can."  

    The Surrey man has seen more hospitals than most will in a lifetime is throwing himself into something close to a 'normal' life again.  

    “I have had a cumulative total of six months of chemotherapy in hospital. I have had six major surgeries, I take antibiotics for life as I have a compromised immune system, I have permanent nerve damage and hearing loss - amongst a host of other issues."

    Jonathan added CurraNZ to his training program for its pre- and post-workout properties, and health reasons.

    “My health issues mean that I don’t bounce back from sessions as well as I used to and I can’t let myself get run down. 

    "So, as well as ensuring that I have a very carefully tailored training plan, I use CurraNZ for their array of properties. This way, I can make sure that I am always ready for the next training session.”

    The most positive person you’d ever wish to meet, Jonathan is not surprisingly in demand as a motivational speaker and life coach and as he says “if one person is inspired by me to go out and make the most of themselves then that’s better than any medal”.

    He says: “With the correct training, my CurraNZ and some luck I can show anyone who is suffering or having a tough time that anything is possible if you know your limitations, not your limits.”

     Follow Jonathan's inspiring journey on Instagram: @jonathan_acott_motivation