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    'Marathon Man' pushing the age barrier with CurraNZ in the London Marathon

    on April 16, 2024

    Britain’s fittest 63-year-old, Mark Kleanthous, credits CurraNZ for helping him run and recover without any post-event soreness in his 120th marathon in London last month.

    Forty-two years after running in the inaugural London Marathon (pictured, above), Mark once again took to the streets of the capital (left) with eight of 'the Originals' who ran in 1981.

    Mark stopped the clock at 3:59:59, just ten minutes outside of his target (and with a fall) - and only 48 minutes slower than his time in 1981.  

    He says: "Typically most runners would expect to be 2 hours slower 40 years later, so I'm happy with that time. My fastest mile segment was 8:30 and slowest was 8:52, which included a fall after being tripped by another runner."

    Mark has finished 71 of his marathons in a time of less than 3 hours, with a personal best of 2:24:40 (when 112nd overall in the London Marathon).

    In the last ten years, he has been using CurraNZ to delay the decline in aging and supporting his recovery from his relentless love of training and racing.

    Afterwards, he said: "In 1981, aged 20, I struggled to run the Marathon and clearly remember being sore for days. Walking down the stairs was agony.

    "This year, aged 63, I was fine straight afterwards and five days later, I still had no onset of muscle soreness. 

    "My shoulder is still sore from being tripped up and the side of my knee and my hands have healed up okay."

    Mark, from Leighton Buzzard, has competed in 1,100 events worldwide across a variety of endurance disciplines involving swimming, biking and running.

    In the last 44 years Mark has covered almost 280,000 miles (986,000 kilometres) in training and racing, equivalent to going around the earth more than 11 times.

    The fitness afficionado and coach has pounded out more than 14,000 miles swimming, 201,000 miles cycling and 65,000 miles of running and credits CurraNZ for helping him cope with the demands of training and racing in his 60s.

    After discovering the supplement almost a decade ago, Mark says: “CurraNZ has not powered me for all those miles/kilometres, but it’s certainly making my third trip to the moon much easier on my aging 62-year-old body.

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    This will also be Mark's 42nd year competing in triathlons (1983-2024), a feat that no other Briton has achieved. He raced at the World Ironman Championships twice, in 1987 and 2010.

    With endurance sport becoming more and more extreme over the years, Mark has risen to the challenge, first with a double Ironman (which he completed in under 24 hours), then a Triple Ironman in France, which took him 45 hours and 58 minutes.

    We congratulate Mark for his age-defying success and wish him all the best this season.