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    Record-breaking athlete powers to success with CurraNZ

    on August 22, 2023

    KIWI triathlete and CurraNZ fan Simon Cochrane has continued his sensational run of international success in Ultraman and heads to the World Championships full of confidence, propelled by CurraNZ.

    The exceptional endurance athlete, from Hamilton, set a new world record by 80 minutes on his first attempt at the extreme version of triathlon in Australia in May. 

    Unfortunately, that event wasn’t a qualifier for the World Championships in November, so  last month he headed to Ultraman Canada, where he booked his ticket in sensational fashion for the ‘big dance’ in Hawaii.

    Simon bossed the North American race from the gun and set new course records across the entire three-day, 515km event.  

    Considered the ultimate endurance event in triathlon, Ultraman is more than double the length of a standard full-distance triathlon, with a 10km swim, 421.1km bike and 84.3km run (double marathon). 

    Simon started using CurraNZ in the lead-up to Ultraman Australia but, after a huddle with the CurraNZ team in June, he increased his dosing for the Canada event. 

    He says: “Since introducing it, my recovery has been great and I have been able to take on more carbs during the events.

    “In Australia and Canada I was having 125gm carbs an hour on the bike. I’ve never done that before and it didn’t create any stomach issues – and that’s a lot every hour for 7 hours.

     “Usually your stomach doesn’t like that amount of carbs, particularly in warmer temperatures, when GI stress can become a problem. But I stuck to my nutrition plan with no issues and kept re-dosing on CurraNZ before, during and after racing each day.”

    Now back in New Zealand, Simon is having a few easy weeks before ramping up training again for the big season finale in Hawaii in November and the season start in New Zealand. Few athletes have training loads higher than Simon’s, whose week typically involves 30-34 hours of training – so recovery is imperative.

    He says: “I got back into training last weekend when running a training camp for my athletes, in fact I got a little carried away but it went pretty well.

     “Usually after big events your body feels rubbish and you hit a slump, but my training motivation has returned quickly with CurraNZ. I’d say my post-race recovery has gone extra well and that’s a good sign for the supplement.”

     After Ultraman Hawaii, Simon will be eyeing Ironman New Zealand, possibly taking in the Tarawera Ultramarathon as a pacer or competitor.

    Having completed 37 Ironmans in the last 10-15 years, it’s apparent Simon has found his niche with extreme ultra-endurance sport. Now, with the sky the limit for this athlete, he is even considering Cocodona next year, a 250-mile ultra-marathon across Arizona.

    He says: “I’m looking at doing some really cool stuff in the next few years, I feel I’m still improving and have found my niche in the longer, crazier stuff.

    “I’m really pleased with how I’ve felt and performed with CurraNZ. If you get your fuelling, protein and hydration right, in my opinion, CurraNZ is the one other thing that should be on everyone’s list.

    “I’ve become a big believer in CurraNZ and now recommend it to everyone, including the athletes I coach. I don’t take many supplements myself except for a multi-vitamin, but CurraNZ is the only one I take.”