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    'I heard about CurraNZ after reading Lucy Charles’s nutritional strategies'

    on April 15, 2021

    THIS month's customer prize winner is the remarkable Trudy Harris, a brilliant IronMan triathlete who is amongst the very best in Canada for her age-group category (65-69). Here, Trudy reveals how CurraNZ is making a difference to her.

    Trudy writes: "I’m a 65-year-old female Ironman Triathlete. I’ve completed eight IronMan races, four since I turned 60. In 2018 I placed first at Ironman Austria and went on to complete the World Championships in Kona.

    I’ve always been a recreational athlete and started running in my early 30s. I loved running, and it was an easy fit in my hectic life of a working mother of two. 

    I’ve been taking CurraNZ supplement for a month and have seen an amazing improvements after swim, bike and run training. It’s definitely most noticeable after running.

    I first heard about CurraNZ while I was reading an article describing professional triathlete Lucy Charles’s nutritional strategies. I researched more and was intrigued by CurraNZ and the science-based accolades. 


    Presently I’m training about 15 hours a week for triathlon. This will ramp up slowly over the spring in the hopes of racing in August. At peak, my training volume increases to about 26 hrs/week for a short time. Generally, I do three sessions each of swim, bike and run a week, plus a few hours of strength or stretch training. 


    I was registered for Ironman Canada 2020, which was cancelled due to Covid-19, so I deferred to IronMan Canada, which is scheduled for August 29. My goal is to qualify in my age group (65-69) for the World Championships. 

    That said, race opportunities are presently non-existent in Canada. With the vaccine rollout, there’s hope we’ll return to almost normal by the summer. However, until the pandemic is largely under control world-wide, it’s unlikely British Columbia will host large international events such as the Ironman. In the meantime, I’ll continue to work toward IMC, there is still some hope. (And it’s my hobby after all!).

    A huge Thank You from Vancouver Canada!