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    Kiwi trail runner using CurraNZ to take on the world's best

    on June 20, 2023

    Our Customer of the Month, Jessica Campbell reveals how CurraNZ has been helping her absorb a full training training program and build towards a three-month competitive stint in Europe, competing at the highest level.

    The New Zealander says: "I am an avid trail runner and have been competing since 2018. 

    "I first trialled CurraNZ earlier this year when my husband’s coach recommended it.  At first I wasn’t sure if there was any effect as my training was naturally progressing as I prepared for the NZ Trail Running Championships. 

    "However, I ran out for a couple of weeks and it was then that I realised how much the blackcurrant capsules had been helping with post-workout effects, enabling me to complete each training session at my fullest, absorb the load and be ready to go again for the next session. 

    "Since then, CurraNZ has been a consistent part of my daily regime, taking one capsule daily and two before each high intensity or longer session. In the last couple of months I have been able to complete some of my biggest training weeks ever, while also maintaining an active full-time job. 

    "At the beginning of June, I travelled to Europe for three months where I will be representing New Zealand at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships, followed by the SkyRunning World Series and the little purple capsules will definitely be coming with me."