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    Hayden Hawks: 'Why I'll be running on CurraNZ at Western States'

    on May 22, 2024

    With latest research showing CurraNZ offers runners with rare protection against 'Runner's Trots, a leading cause of 'DNF' for races held in hot conditions, this week we speak to professional ultra runner Hayden Hawks, as he counts down to Western States, a race notorious for being held in attritional heat.

    Considered one of the all-time ultra-running greats, Hayden is no stranger to racing in hot conditions - and the threat it poses to every ultra-runner.

    Hayden is a World Mountain Running Champion and winner of CCC UTMB 100km, with aspirations of winning Western States 100, Leadville 100 and UTMB (again).

    One of the favourites to win the Western States 100-mile Endurance run this month, Hayden, like all his competitors, will rely heavily on refuelling and keeping his gut under control as the mercury soars, in order to perform to his best in this 'Superbowl' of ultra-running. 


    Hayden, (above) is looking to the supplement to help him go one better than his previous second in the event and after injury intervened in his attempt last year.

    With knee surgery successfully behind him and a record-breaking season opener at Black Canyons, Hayden reveals: “In 2023, Ruth [Croft] told me about this product and how the research showed it helped runners in the heat - and that she had used it at Western States, so I started taking it. We all know she had an awesome race in really tough conditions – the result speaks for itself.

     “As well as using it for heat performance and endurance, it’s also been tremendous for my recovery.

     “I take it every morning before every run and it works.

    "I’m recovering faster now than I ever have in my life. My Inside Tracker biomarkers have drastically improved since using CurraNZ, to where they’ve all become optimal.

    “CurraNZ will once again be an important part of my preparation and race strategy to help cope with the heat at Western States this year.”