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    From learning to run to racing a marathon - blind runner and his guide achieve the dream

    on October 04, 2022

    CurraNZ sponsored several runners in this year’s London Marathon, including Jack Davey, who is registered blind and was offered a place to run for the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

    Joseph Merry (@gingerjoetraining), Jack’s guide, friend and trainer, planted the seed of running a marathon a while ago that became a fantastic reality on October 2. Having taught Jack to run, their achievement was a crowning moment and a day that will long live in their memory.



    'Jack had never run before, which was something I wanted him to achieve'

    Joseph, 28, shares their fantastic story:

    'We met six years ago at the David Lloyd Leisure Centre, I saw that Jack was being assisted by his mum around the gym I was working in. Instantly I wanted to learn more and help. I’d previously work with the Blind and people with multiple syndromes - it was something I’ve always been keen on doing with my work.

    Jack, 30, is registered blind, has SOD (septa-optic dysplasia), hearing impairments and Asperger’s syndrome, which pose many problems but we’ve worked through them and pushed on from.

    We have been doing one-to-two sessions a week since meeting. During Lockdown, as soon as we were given the nod to train in small groups we got straight back to it with sessions in his garden.


    One day I asked him if he’d ever run before. He said he’d never, ever run before in his life. I thought ‘now there’s something I’d love to help him to achieve’.

    We put him on a treadmill and started slow. Then we kept pushing. Now, years on, we made jokes about doing the Marathon and what an achievement that would be for both of us, but most certainly Jack.

    Then a couple of months ago he asked how serious I was about it. I said I was ready and as serious as it gets.

    A couple of days later we were contacted by RNIB charity offering us a place and we’ve been training ever since.

    Every morning he does between one-three hours of running and by early October, was fit and ready for the big day. 

    'An overwhelming experience, with thousands were cheering Jack on'

    This marathon was a massive step for Jack believing in his own abilities as he still had doubts going into the race. It was emotional, we’ve become a real team over the years and would class each other great friends as well as trainer/client. 

    The whole experience can only be described as overwhelming. The support for Jack from the thousands in attendance was overwhelming, as was the support from our families. It was an honour to run by Jack’s side as his guide, he is an amazing human being.

    Thank you to CurraNZ, which I used to get to the Hyrox World Championship in Vegas in May, so I know the benefits, how good the supplement is and how useful it is for such endurance challenges.

    I believe strongly in this product and have felt the real benefits. Jack loves them too, which is saying something as he doesn’t like a lot of supplements. The capsules allow him to consume easily. 

    Thank you again for helping us through. We’ve managed to raise over £5,000, which is well over the £2,000 target.’

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