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    Five tips to find your running mojo

    on July 31, 2019

    SOMTIMES even the most motivated runners seem to lose their love for it a little bit, writes Kirsty Reade, editor of

    It might be that you’ve been working towards a big goal and now you’ve achieved it you’re lacking in a target.

    It could just be that you’ve got into a rut, running the same routes over and over. Whatever the reason, sometimes it just becomes a chore rather than a joy to head out of the door.

    So what can you do if you’ve lost your running mojo? Here are a few ideas:

    1. Ditch the tech.
      If you’ve become a slave to your watch or Strava account, try running without monitoring your speed or Strava segments. Taking the pressure off might help you to find enjoyment in the sheer act of running again.

    2. Try new routes.
      If you usually run on roads, try hitting the trail and taking in some greenery and enjoying the views. If you’re already a trail runner why not make an effort to try one new footpath or trail each week?

    3. Try running with others.
      Whether it’s a running club, informal group run or just an arrangement to run with a friend, if you make a commitment to it the peer pressure will be enough to get you out of the door. And either enjoying a nice social run or trying to keep up with people slightly faster than you might be what you need to find that lost mojo.

    4. Here’s a controversial one: Don’t run.
      Your loss of mojo might be your body trying to tell you something. Are you tired? Have you been overtraining? Have you done a big event recently and not recovered properly? Take a break, do some swimming, cycling or hiking, wait until you really feel the urge to run again. That urge might be a strong indicator that your body is ready to run again and you will most likely find that your mojo returns.

    5. Try a different kind of event.
      Something fun or challenging in a different way to your usual races. Here are some ideas:
      1. Red Bull 400 ( is a series of 400 metre events. Doesn’t sound too taxing? Well, they’re billed as the ‘world’s toughest 400m races’ as they’re uphill only, with the ‘up’ being up a ski jump slope.

      2. Swimrun events. Swimrun races such as Breca ( or Otillo ( take place in spectacular places and teams of two stay together, alternating between swimming and running. Because you keep alternating you wear a wetsuit and trainers which can cope with both disciplines. The format allows you to fully appreciate incredible landscapes to the maximum. This article tells you what you need to know about trying swimrun:

      3. If fun and no pressure is what you’re after, then why not enter a race with aid stations that are more like bars?
        You might have heard of the Medoc Marathon in France (, where the 23 aid stations serve up fine wines to runners as they make their way through vineyards.
        We have our own version in the UK, the Bacchus Marathon in Surrey ( There’s a marathon and a half marathon and the emphasis is definitely more on having a good time than getting a good time.
        Here are some other UK races which combine running with some alcohol tasting:

    Perhaps the most important first step in regaining your running mojo is to work out why you lost it in the first place.
    Are you in a rut, still recovering from a race, perhaps lacking in a goal? Find out the answer to that and you’ll soon find a way to get it back.