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    Award for Professor driving CurraNZ research program

    on November 10, 2021

    The University of Chichester's Professor Mark Willems has received the Best Scientific Award of Polyphenol Applications, 2021.

    An in-demand international speaker, he received the award for his presentation, Anthocyanin-Rich New Zealand Blackcurrant: Applications for Exercise and Health at the World Polyphenol Applications Congress in September. 

    Professor Willems has been at the vanguard of the New Zealand blackcurrant extract research program for almost a decade. He and his team have published almost 30 studies and made many world-first discoveries on CurraNZ for exercise performance and health. 

    A recent meta-analysis confirmed that our extract is amongst the most effective legal performance-enhancing interventions available. Professor Willems' CurraNZ research formed the basis of the review.

    We are grateful to the incredible research generated by Professor Willems and his team since 2012, this is a truly well deserved accolade.

    Read more about the award here