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    Athlete Spotlight: Stefanie Flippin USATF 100M Champion & CurraNZ ambassador

    on September 24, 2023

    This month, we put the spotlight on one of our sensational ambassadors, reigning USATF 100 Mile National Champion, Dr Stefanie Flippin.

    A professional trail and ultra-runner, Stefanie holds three of the top ten fastest 100 mile times for women in North America.

    In spring 2021 she signed up for the USATF 100 Mile National Championships on a whim, just seven weeks before the race. It was her first time mixing it with world and national record holders in a field stacked with accomplished runners.

    Stefanie went in as a dark horse but came out the National Champion, running 14:35 and finishing third overall.

    A full-time foot-and-ankle surgeon, Stephanie is a professional runner for HOKA who also loves to coach. Living in Pine, Colorado with her hubby Mitchel, she enjoys hitting the trail with her two favourite pups Pace and Shava. 

    Stefanie says: “I started using CurraNZ over the winter while I was healing a bone stress injury, with the hope of supporting peripheral blood flow.

    "I continued to use it as I eased back into a regular training regimen and have been extremely pleased with its effects on recovery and performance.

    "The research that is emerging on polyphenol anthocyanins, a strong antioxidant within blackcurrants, and its benefits for endurance athletes is very promising and a driving factor in my usage of CurraNZ.

    "I am excited to grow with this brand and continue supporting my athletic career with science."