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    Are you hitting your 'five a day' and 'eating the rainbow' - with purples?

    on May 17, 2023

    Eating a variety of colourful plant-based foods is a great way to benefit from substances called phytochemicals, in addition to a variety of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibre.

    These phytochemicals, also known as polyphenols, cover several sub-classes of plant bioactives, such as anthocyanins, flavonoids, flavonols and cartenoids.

    They provide plants with their distinctive colouring, which is why we should ‘eat the rainbow’ to ensure we eat a diversity of these health-promoting plant bioactives. 

    Some scientists are now recommending we eat two ‘purples’ a day, in addition to our ‘five a day’ – because of the positive benefits that purple sources of anthocyanins confer. 

    New Zealand Blackcurrants are one of the most nutrient-rich, nutrient-dense berries on the planet, with 90% of their polyphenols derived from anthocyanins. They have a combination and concentration of blue and red anthocyanins not found in any other berry.

    The reason for their high phytochemical profile is because of the powerful ultra-violet sunlight in New Zealand, which stimulates the berry fruit into producing exceptionally high levels of pigment - or the anthocyanin, which gives the berry its distinctive dark colouring.

    As well as reversing damage in plant cells, anthocyanins defend against pests, diseases and environmental stressors, such as intense sunlight. These 'colour warriors' help restore the plant to ‘homeostasis’ – also known as its ‘normal’ state.

    New Zealand blackcurrants have 1.5 times the anthocyanin content of European blackcurrants, because of the powerful New Zealand environment.

    CurraNZ is proudly made from specific varieties of New Zealand blackcurrants, and because of their exceptional nutrient concentrations, we are able to produce a high-potency extract of anthocyanins, which wouldn’t be possible with European fruit.

    So, if you’re struggling to include purple vegetables and fruit in your diet, rest assured that CurraNZ can fill that nutrient gap, with each capsule containing 105mg anthocyanin, or the equivalent of a large handful of premium New Zealand blackcurrants.