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    Anthocyanins, Mother Nature's colour warriors!

    on January 16, 2023


    Plant power at its best - the rockstar actives in CurraNZ products

    We all want our food to work harder for us, so this week, we take a look at the important plant compounds that are designed to protect their hosts against the forces of nature.

    Anthocyanins (pronounced anth-o-sy-an-ins) are naturally-occurring pigments responsible for the bright colours in fruits and especially berries, and the hero ingredients in all CurraNZ products.

    They belong to the flavonoid group of polyphenol phytochemicals, which are among the most important phenolics in foods. 



    They protect plants against environmental stressors, such as ultraviolet light and extreme temperatures.

    As protective compounds, their role is to shield plants from everything that the environment throws at them.

    These ‘colour warriors’ are stimulated by extremes of temperature, altitude and ultraviolet sunlight. The deeper and darker the colour, the higher the concentrations of anthocyanins.

    New Zealand’s intense ultra-violet sunlight and long summer days are responsible for producing the world’s most bioactive-dense blackcurrant (or berry for that matter) with 1.5 times more anthocyanins than its European counterparts.  

    CurraNZ Original and CurraNZ Immune 


    CurraNZ Original Blackcurrant Anthocyanin Extract is the most extensively researched blackcurrant supplement of its type on the international market and sets the global standard.

    We've created the brilliant companion supplement, CurraNZ Immune, to provide additional immune support.

    Featuring a host of anthocyanin-rich sources equivalent to 2,500mg of fresh berries, CurraNZ Immune contains our Immuno3B formulation, a botanical anthocyanin superblend containing CurraNZ blackcurrant, elderberry and blueberry extract, plus cherry acerola.


    Completed with naturally-sourced Vitamin C, D, A, beta glucans and selenium, CurraNZ Immune is designed to be a natural food-based supplement, free of synthetic ingredients, to support your immune system, as nature intended.


    CurraNZ extract is packed full of anthocyanins