Gold-standard science and impeccable credentials you can trust

    on May 17, 2021

    THE sports nutrition market is notorious for overhyped, unproven products that don’t live up to their claims.

    In CurraNZ however, you can rest assured that gold-standard science, efficacy and consumer trust are central to the product’s impeccable pedigree.

    To date, over a decade of clinical research has been invested in CurraNZ and New Zealand blackcurrants, resulting in 30+ sports performance and recovery studies.

    Above: Three-time World Multisport Champion and Ironman, Dougal Allan has used CurraNZ to scale the pinnacle of his sport

    Last year, an independent published review of the scientific data revealed CurraNZ to be one of the most effective legal performance-enhancers in sports nutrition1.

    The muscle recovery properties2,3 of our blackcurrants were discovered in a decade of New Zealand research – and they have a self-substantiated health claim there to prove it.

    Above: Adelle Tracey, elite British 800m runner, made the qualifying standard for Tokyo 2020 using CurraNZ, and loves the product for its recovery properties


    Most people don’t know that blackcurrants are nutrient powerhouses. A new breakthrough in sports nutrition, they are now being deployed as a secret weapon in some of the world’s top sporting teams for a recovery edge. 

    But don’t be intimidated by their ‘eliteness’ – they’re great for active people of any persuasion. 

    Above: New Zealand K2 athlete Max Brown was paddled his way to his first-ever national title and selection for Tokyo Olympics earlier this month, using CurraNZ


    We know CurraNZ works. That’s why every carton comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for muscle recovery. 


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