Blackcurrant improves high-intensity intermittent running performance up to 10.8%

    on April 26, 2021

    Research from the University of Chichester has shown that CurraNZ blackcurrant extract can allow athletes to perform more sprints, experience less fatigue and improved post-exercise recovery.

    Participants were tested in a high-intensity intermittent running model, used to mimic sprinting patterns in sports such as football and rugby.

    Results showed participants: 

    - Ran further before reaching exhaustion

    Participants increased their running distance by on average 10.6%.

    - Increase the distance covered in sprints

    Participants increased distance during sprints by up to 10.8%, with one in three athletes showing improvements of greater than 15%.

    - Greater lactate tolerance

    Participants had higher lactate levels upon finishing the exercise test, meaning they were able to tolerate higher lactate and keep going for longer.

    - Faster lactate clearance after exercise

    Participants showed increased lactate clearance up to 30 minutes post exercise, showing improved recovery.

    Mark Willems, Professor in Exercise Physiology at the University of Chichester, comments: “Our work on New Zealand blackcurrant extract indicated so far that enhanced performance can be obtained for exercise at different intensity and duration. These findings may have implications for individuals involved in endurance activities or team sports with repeated sprints”.

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