Effect of CurraNZ Blackcurrant Extract on Physiological Responses at Rest and during Brisk walking in Southeast Asian Men

SYNOPSIS: The University of Chichester has for the first time examined the effects of CurraNZ blackcurrant extract on fat oxidation and cardiovascular responses in Southeast Asian men during moderate-intensity brisk walking.

In a collaboration study between the University of Chichester (UK) and Mahidol University (Thailand), 17 Thai males (normal body weight) consumed two capsules (600mg) CurraNZ 35% blackcurrant extract daily for seven days before performing a 30-minute brisk walking treadmill test. They were then tested on fat oxidation and cardiovascular responses at rest and during exercise.

The paper, Effect of New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract on Physiological Responses at Rest and during Brisk Walking in Southeast Asian Men: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Study was published in the Journal NutrientsOctober 2018.

The results showed:

  • No effect on fat oxidation at rest or during exercise
  • A moderate-to-significant effect on cardiac responses during exercise
  • No effect on cardiac function at rest

Blackcurrant enhanced vasodilation during exercise, but not at rest, with participants showing 12% increases to both stroke volume and cardiac output, and 11% lower vascular resistance during exercise.

Previous University of Chichester studies on Caucasian men have shown the berry extract improves fat oxidation 21% during two hours cycling, 10% during 30 minutes brisk walking (seven days’ intake), with significant increases in cardiovascular responses at rest.

Conclusion: From these findings it can be concluded that New Zealand blackcurrant affects vasodilation in both low static activity in Caucasian men and moderate-intensity exercise in Thai men. It is possible that Southeast Asian males may have different intake and duration requirements in to activate metabolic and cardiovascular responses at exercise and rest.

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