Winter Running Kit List

    on November 07, 2018

    The clocks have jumped back an hour to officially signal the start of Winter. Evenings are becoming longer and darker, but this should not be a reason to pack away your training gear! We want to keep you out and on top of your fitness goals so have put together the following list, full to the brim of items that will help you stay outside and continue the training as we finish out 2018.

    The perfect outdoor sport headphones. A comfortable and secure fit means they will stay put during the most intense workouts. They will keep those motivational tunes in your ear but with moderate noise isolation which allows approximately 30% of ambient noise through, keeping you safe on the roads. Added to that, the reflective strap that hangs around your neck means that you will be more visible to oncoming traffic. 

    You may not think you need a running hat in your life but trust us when we say that when its freezing outside, the last thing you want to do is leave your warm house and pound the concrete. Keeping your ears warm and minimising your body heat from exiting your body via your head is crucial. This hat is light, durable and reflective and perfect to keep you warm and safe during the winter months.

    We are going to tick off a lot of body parts in this blog that you need to keep warm when you’re training, but I bet you thought your core wouldn’t be one of them? When your stomach is warm, your vital organs are protected, and your heart more readily pumps blood to your extremities. Wearing these wraps are a simple way of boosting circulation without excessive and uncomfortable layering.

    These tights are dual purpose. First and foremost they provide muscle and joint stabilisation, secondly they also give you a nice warm layer to add to your exercise gear. An easy-fit, wide waistband ensures comfort on the longest or shortest of runs. 

    You probably think a sock is a sock is a sock, right? Wrong! Like gloves, socks are hugely important to protect your extremities from losing vital heat while exercising. The Bridgedale socks are perfect for tackling the winter months. A blend of nylon and merino offers warmth, breathability, odour resistance and durability. We love the snug fit and zoned cushioning.

    We all know how important your arms are for running, driving you forward when perhaps your legs are tiring. This constant driving through cold air, means that warm, wind resistant gloves are essential. This pair, from The North Face, stands out from the crowd, courtesy of their durable shell and soft lining, along with touchscreen capabilities so you can change your song without exposing your hand to the bitter climate.

    Merino wool is the perfect fabric to keep your core temperature up as you hit the streets. The wool of this shirt, feels cosy against your skin while providing all the benefits of other technical pieces. This shirt moves well without chafing and the mesh panels help regulate body temperature as it elevates and drops.

    Pull on this jacket for the protection you need for outdoor training, whether you're hitting the country lanes or pacing the city streets. A durable water-repellent finish keeps showers at bay, while reflective details make you more visible in the dark evenings. Stow your valuables in the secure-zip pocket and use the internal media port to take your motivational tunes on the move.

    With this list of kit, you have no excuse not to continue your outdoor training right up till and through the Christmas period. Embrace those dark evenings and get out there!