Why consumers cannot assume all-natural supplements will be ‘clean’, even from reputable manufacturers

Why consumers cannot assume all-natural supplements will be ‘clean’, even from reputable manufacturers

Inform-sport approved supplements have been tested for banned substances by LGC's world-class sports anti-doping lab, allowing consumers to avoid unwittingly testing positive for banned substances.

INSTANCES of doping in sport continue to regularly make worldwide headlines, despite high-profile examples of career-threatening consequences when athletes get caught.

There’s no question that in a lot of instances - such as Russia’s state-sponsored doping of Olympic athletes and Lance Armstrong’s infamous blood doping scandal – that cheating for calculated performance and recovery gains was always the intention. However, there are many occasions when athletes have fallen foul of the doping regulators after unwittingly using everyday supplements in good faith.

Or, for a demonstration of how easy it is for athletes to be accidentally contaminated, take the instance of Richard Gasquet. In 2009 the tennis player returned a positive to cocaine after accidentally ingesting the banned substance after kissing a woman 'all night' in a Miami nightclub. In his case, it seems his main defence for 'pulling' that positive was for being a Mr Loverman! The Frenchman avoided penalty, despite hard-fought attempts by the regulators to enforce a two-year ban.

44% of the positive tests in the UK in 2012 were caused by contaminated supplements

Shockingly, 44% of the UK Anti-Doping positive tests in the 2012 testing year were caused by prohibited substances contained in supplements.

In the UK, up to one in ten supplements on the UK market that are not subject to regular banned substance testing could be contaminated with stimulants or steroids. One survey suggests the problem affecting supplements in the US is greater still, with up to one in four supplements sold possibly contaminated.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or recreational sports person, this statistic alone is reason enough to only use trusted supplements that have been subjected to rigorous screening.

While recreational athletes are generally excluded from drug testing rules and regulations, remember the competitive sports sectors such as amateur triathlon that requires athletes to be bound to the same rules as the professionals.

Plus, with the fast-growing UK sports nutrition market worth over £350m a year, unscrupulous manufacturers are getting in on the action with ‘junk’ supplements almost certain to contain traces of banned substances.

Even the most reputable and trusted supplement brands who use the highest-quality ingredients can be contaminated. With detection levels so high, it only takes a below-par clean-down on a production line that has had the slightest exposure to a banned substance to contaminate an entire batch. The risk of accidental and minute contamination in the manufacturing process is extremely high and demands extreme care and diligence from manufacturers.






Global program delivers rigorous auditing and screening to provide assurances to consumers 

That’s where Informed-Sport comes in. The internationally-recognised global program was created to provide consumers with quality assurances and batch testing of supplements. It’s now highly unusual for professional athletes to use anything other than Informed-sport approved supplements.

At CurraNZ, every batch we’ve ever produced has been drug tested. Getting the yellow Informed-Sport stamp of approval wasn’t easy, either - it took several years of rigorous screening and manufacturing site audits before being accepted into the scheme. 

This can inconvenience customers during periods of high demand – a new batch cannot be released until the certificate is in place – which means no orders can be fulfilled until this happens.

As one leading sports nutritionist and advocate of CurraNZ said to us, our science is ‘almost unbelievable’, but the blanket drug-testing provides this world-first research with additional credibility and efficacy.

Customers can be assured we have taken all the steps and care possible to manufacture a clean and trusted supplement. With CurraNZ, we are unapologetic about our blackcurrant's benefits, as underpinned by the growing program of research - and engineered in our berries courtesy of mother nature.