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    Training for a marathon? Hear from our customers and ambassadors who introduced CurraNZ into their marathon nutrition plan and saw game-changing results

    on March 19, 2019

    With the full- and half-marathon season starting to hit top gear, we thought it’d be useful to share some real-life customer stories of how runners are using CurraNZ for performance and recovery.

    First though, let’s kick off with a snapshot of what our customers told us in a recent survey:

    • 83% noticed a positive change in their performance while training and competing
    • 89% noticed a reduction in muscle soreness
    • 74% noticed an increase in energy levels

    With less than six weeks now until the London Marathon, it’s all about preparation, preparation, preparation. So it’s critical to fine-tune your nutrition strategy now and change nothing on race day!

    New Zealand blackcurrants are unique for offering so many benefits. Packed with antioxidants, they can seriously improve your ability to handle intense training, with much faster muscle recovery. But don’t just take our word for it – hear it from these guys!

    Cancer survivor and keen amateur runner Claire Whittle follows the Hanson marathon program, which offers only brief moments of rest with consecutive six-day training blocks.

    Claire was desperate to improve her recovery during the gruelling regime when training for the Auckland marathon last October and told us: “The product has truly made a difference and has helped me reach my latest goal. Recovery has been the most important thing to me and I’ve been able to keep going day after day with my training, thanks to CurraNZ”.

    Brilliantly versatile veteran Joasia Zakrzewski is one of the best ultra-marathoners in Britain, having completed 100km in 7hrs 31, with a marathon PB of 2:39.

    Jo used CurraNZ to medal for Team GB at every World 50km/100km/Trail Championship she has taken part in – that’s 14 medals in total!

    The GB from Dumfries has noticed many benefits, such as fast lactate clearance and reduced fatigue in interval sessions. She says: “CurraNZ helps reduce DOMS after hard sessions, long runs and the marathon itself.

    “It increases fat oxidation, which is very beneficial for longer runs and contains antioxidants which fight oxidative stress.”

    Andy Heyden, the CurraNZ running ambassador based in Sydney, is an experienced distance runner, having raced marathons for 24 years. Since emigrating to Australia, the expat Brit has represented his adopted country on seven occasions, including at the Australian Marathon Championships and the 100km World Championships.

    Andy started taking CurraNZ in May 2017, and since then he has set three new PBs, two of which he set over 10 years ago in his mid-30s.

    He is now ranked among the top veterans in Australia and is a regular face on the podium at the Australian Marathon Championships.

    He says: “I broke my 10k PB which stood for over 10 years after just a month on the CurraNZ and I actually recovered quicker than ever and raced again the following weekend.

    “I took another 30 seconds off that PB again this year, at 44 years old, which is fantastic.

    “With CurraNZ, being able to put together solid blocks of training over 10-12 weeks because of that enhanced recovery is a massive benefit - and then being able to race harder with the impact the product has on endurance is great as well.”

    Having a funny tummy on race day can greatly effect your performance, but fortunately CurraNZ is gentle on the stomach.

    Plus, it’s been shown in science to help reduce exertional heat stress if the day turns out to be hot! No-one wants unwelcome symptoms such as stitch and vomiting, so supplementing with blackcurrants offers more than just muscle recovery and endurance benefits on race day.

    We recognise that marathon season is a galvanising time of year in the sporting calendar, so to get you off to a big start, we’re offering a 20% discount off all purchases for a limited time only! Just enter the code 'MARATHON' when you reach the checkout to get 20% off your order. Get started now, and harness the CurraNZ difference for the big day!* 

    Plus, we are so confident in our product, every pack of CurraNZ comes with a money-back guarantee for muscle recovery!

    *limited to 3 cartons per customer.