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    Top Tips for Recovery After a Day Skiing!

    on November 29, 2018

    We are just about to hit December, winter is officially here and that means one thing; it’s ski season! Before you hit the slopes, we want you to be ‘ski fit’ and in the best possible position to recover after a day on the powder. Skiing and snowboarding work parts of your body that you don’t use in everyday life so if you haven’t prepped you will ache after a day on the slopes. There are things that you can do to get ready for the next day on the slopes – and make the most of your trip.

    • Stretch

    Yep that’s right. Some simple stretching can go a long, long way to making you feel fresh the following day. Stretching is one of the best ways to help your body recover after skiing and help minimise sore muscles. Stretching after a day of shredding helps muscles return to their original position by removing the tension. As much as you want to warm up when you get on the slopes, we promise that you will want to warm down back in your chalet/hotel. If you can accompany stretching with some rolling then even better, we realise you might not be able to take a foam roller with you, but even a tennis ball or golf ball can do a great job of working muscles and relieving built-up tension.

    • Get some magic berries in you!

    Of course, we are going to suggest you take CurraNZ, but it’s for a very good reason! Packed full of anthocyanins, compounds responsible for increasing blood flow by up to 35%, which means you’ll go harder for longer before tiring. This enhanced blood and oxygen delivery has a two-fold effect -reduced fatigue and enhanced lactate clearance. So, CurraNZ will help you ski harder for longer while reducing muscle soreness, it’s a no brainer! Top tip: To get the best performance and recovery effects, start taking CurraNZ every day for a week before you depart on your skiing holiday.

    • A hot soak

    What does your mind and body want after a long, cold day out on the slopes? That’s right - a warm soak, either a bathtub, or, if you’re staying somewhere fancy, a hot tub, is perfect for post-shredding recovery. The warmth will boost circulation to your muscles, relaxing you for a good night’s sleep and helping reduce pain and muscle spasms. However, steer clear of the hot tub if you have had an injury. The increased blood flow will only serve to exacerbate any inflammation and make things worse, so you will need to hold off the hot tub and call a physio instead!

    • Warm Up

    Your recovery starts before you’ve even begun your descent on the slopes! As important as warming up your muscles in a bath/hot tub post-ski, warming them up before skiing or snowboarding is equally important. There will be areas that you will want to focus on and each skier will be different, but we recommend focusing on the lower back and legs. Warm muscles are less likely to be injured during exercise.

    • Stay hydrated

    All the above will be a waste of time if you don’t hydrate effectively at the end of the day. Everyone knows that the higher you go, the faster you lose water from your body. If you are taking part in a strenuous activity such as skiing or snowboarding, you will become dehydrated even quicker. Nothing helps the body repair itself more than water or electrolyte fluids. Taking these on board directly after skiing will also lower your heart rate faster and ensure you don’t spend the evening feeling fatigued.