There’s still time to hit those 2018 fitness goals - read our motivation advice and tips to get you moving!

There’s still time to hit those 2018 fitness goals - read our motivation advice and tips to get you moving!

IT'S that time of year again… Summer’s over, the kids have gone back to school and you’re beginning to hear the odd whisper of Christmas being thrown around far too soon!

It’s also that time of year when we all realise that we may have been slightly lax on our health and fitness goals over the past few months, often swapping that spin class for sunbathing or a pub garden!

Here, we have put together some top tips from our ambassadors to help you get back on top of your fitness regime before 2018 is out!

Plus, it’s a timely reminder that CurraNZ is a 100% natural energy supplement, supporting health, wellness, sports performance and recovery that is outstanding for helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Find what motivates you 

Do something you enjoy! If you hate running but love cycling then get yourself on a bike. Don’t force yourself to do a certain exercise because it’s what everyone else is doing – you simply won’t commit!

As motivational expert Eric Thomas says, “Fall in love with the process and the results will follow”.

Get yourself a workout buddy, or combine working out with socialising!

The recent boom in the fitness industry and new introductions to the market such as the ‘Sweat Crawl’ – simply put, the pub crawl equivalent for gyms - has meant that fitness classes are becoming much more sociable.

Working out with a friend or family member not only helps add routine to your regime (you don’t want to be slacking whilst your friend’s hitting their targets) but also brings out your competitive side, meaning you’ll naturally work that little bit harder!

If you’re taking part in a race or challenge then do it for a charity or a loved one, and remember you won’t be that person walking to the start line wishing you’d put the time in earlier.

British XTRI champion and CurraNZ ambassador Chris Stirling (pictured left) tells us:

“Knowing the competition will be training is a great motivator for me, if I'm tempted to hit snooze on the alarm for the early swim I tell myself someone else won’t be doing that. The fear of how painful it might be if I don't put in the hours during training is another way to get me out of the door.”

If you’ve tried all of this and nothing works, remember CurraNZ is a natural energy supplement and increases fat burning during exercise by up to 24% in men and 55% in women… if this doesn’t make you want to work out then we’re not sure what will!

Set achievable goals

Everyone’s goals are different so make sure you set one for you. Your goals need to be progressive whilst also challenging you. We all have that friend who hits the gym hard for a week and then doesn’t go back for a month… they aren’t kidding anyone!

Remember nothing happens overnight, however it can be very difficult to stay motivated towards something that you may not look to achieve until next year!

Alex Cox (pictured, right), triathlete and CurraNZ ambassador recommends: “It’s great to have a long-term goal for the year and then also set goals for each challenge or race you do. With any goal-setting you need to choose realistic bite-size chunks that you can actually achieve.”

Spend time thinking about what it is that you ultimately want to achieve, and then set smaller targets for your journey. When planning your goals, remember CurraNZ increases blood flow by up to 35%, resulting in increased performance and endurance, meaning that you can train harder, more frequently!

Going to the gym three times a week can become quite monotonous if your end goal is still a long way off.

CurraNZ ambassador and GBR AG triathlete Sophie Johnson (left) says: “Get a race in there or something. Weight goals are useless motivators because it fluctuates and just doesn't behave.

"Aim to be fitter, but make sure you can measure it. Am I faster, am I stronger, can I go further?”

If you don’t think you’re quite ready for something quite so serious yet, enter a Fun Run! These act as a great starting point, and once you cross that finish line we can guarantee you’ll want to do it all over again!

It’s all about balance

Whilst it’s great to push yourself – and energy supplements can help with this - remember recovery and keeping healthy is an important part of any fitness regime.

CurraNZ significantly reduces post-exercise DOMS meaning that you no longer need to suffer between training sessions. Use your recovery days as a chance to make time for your friends, family and more importantly, you!

Trying to juggle work, life, family and training is a talented skill which will often leave you feeling worn down and tired.

CurraNZ contains powerful anti-viral properties and antioxidants which will help your body fight off illness as well as increase your energy levels – vital to get you ready for training after a long day at work.

CurraNZ ambassador, GBR AG triathlete and full time mum Rachel Nicholl (right) tells us her top tip for keeping on top of training whilst mastering a busy home and work life: 

“Being a full-time working mum to an active toddler, I don't always have a long time to train. However it is not about the time or the quantity, but the quality. Focus and structure to a training session is key”.

Plan ahead and tailor your sessions to suit you. HIIT sessions are great for those who are time poor, and many require no equipment, meaning they can be done in the comfort of your own home.

By planning your sessions in advance you will go into your workout with an agenda and as a result, work more efficiently.