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    The Running Beast finds new 'ultra' legs with CurraNZ

    on November 04, 2021

    'My new-found energy and improvement to recovery has been noticeable' 

    This month’s customer of the month is avid Kiwi ultra-runner Shaun Collins, aka the 'Running Beast'. Shaun is also a blogger who owns the running events company, Lactic Turkey.

    Not only does Shaun’s beard look similar to Forrest Gump’s, he runs huge distances like him too. Here, he reveals how CurraNZ has made a difference to his running. 

    "I started using Curranz after hearing about it on the The Mikkipedia Podcast and straight away realised how it might be beneficial for me. 

    "I started with one capsule a day and after a few days noticed I had more energy during the day. I train every day for my ultra running missions, mostly first thing during weekdays at 5:30am. 

    "This would often leave me feeling a bit flat mid morning so this new-found energy after taking Curranz was awesome and quite noticeable.



    "But probably the biggest thing I've noticed after taking Curranz is the recovery of my muscles after a big session. 

    "The DOMS of the past are gone or have significantly lessened since taking Curranz. After playing a bit with dosage I'm now strategic before and during a long mission run. 

    "For example, on a recent run, which was part of a personal monthly accumulator hill rep challenge, I ran 10 reps, totalling 118km with 7,132m ascent in 20 hours. 

    "I took two capsules beforehand, then two more every 6-8 hrs and then another two the next morning, before dropping back to the daily single capsule. 

    "I find I have less muscle pain/fatigue - and what is there disappears much faster than when I did these sorts of runs previously. 

    "Last month I stupidly left CurraNZ at home and couldn't have the mid-run dose when I did nine reps. I noticed my muscles were much more fatigued after 12hrs than the previous month. 

    "So I made sure I packed them first for this month's mission :).

    "This month I'll be covering 11 reps and then in December I'm running a 100-mile event, followed by the finale a week later, which will involve 12 reps - 134km with nearly 8,000m ascent.

    "Sometimes there only a couple of weeks between challenges, so a good fast recovery is essential."