Ten minutes with Vogue Williams

Ten minutes with Vogue Williams
This year, model, and TV personality Vogue Williams joined the CurraNZ team as an ambassador. She joined us at the CurraNZ launch event back in January, interviewing our expert panel about superfoods and wellness trends. We catch-up with the fitness fanatic to talk wellness secrets, health goals and check-in to see how our favourite berry extract is supporting her training.    
Tell us about your training. What  do you do to stay looking fit? How often do you exercise?
I usually train 5 to 6 days a week and the type of training I do varies. I’ve started with the Louise Parker Method when I’m in London and I’m obsessed! We do a lot of different workouts that focus on different parts of my body. I also like to do a couple of cardio days a week and I walk my dog Winston every day too.
If there is a one fitness class / style of training you would live by to help stay in shape what would it be and why?
With Louise we’ve been working on cardio-conditioning, which works out multiple muscle groups at one time, and I love it. It allows me to work on all the different muscles in my body, keeping them nice and toned, as well as making me feel more energised - which is great whilst I’m pregnant but also for post-pregnancy too. I wouldn’t be able to just choose one to swear by as I think your body gets used to doing something and you won’t see change. I stay motivated by changing up every session.
Are there any exercises your personal trainer gives you, that you absolutely hate?  
My legs have been something that I’ve really been wanting to tone up – Louise gave me a leg workout which consisted of lunge jumps, one leg lunges, squat walks and deadlifts. It was absolutely killer! I hated it to start with but it was so worth it later.
What top 3 tips would you give those who want to stay consistent with their training?
Pick exercises that work for you. If you’re doing an exercise and it doesn’t feel quite right, adapt it to your style – that will make you feel more comfortable and more likely to keep it up. You also don’t have to do a full 3 hours of exercise every day! I stick to around 45min sessions but even a 15-minute session of high-intensity work-out is enough. If you can’t motivate yourself to do it, get a personal trainer – or a friend. I have a personal trainer in London and Ireland and they’ve both been great at pushing me that bit further. I rarely train alone and I am partial to a fitness class to keep me motivated. 
How are you staying fit during your pregnancy?
I’ve always been very fit, so pregnancy is no different! I’ve just changed my routines slightly so I’m not putting too much pressure on my body.
You’ve been a CurraNZ ambassador since the start of 2018. What benefits have you experienced since using the supplement? How does it support your training programme?
I’m such a fan of CurraNZ, it’s a fantastic addition to my programme. I don’t drink coffee at all so CurraNZ is an amazing substitute and it gives me so much energy. I also find it helps with my muscle recovery. It’s fantastic to work with a brand that I love so much, I have a lot of my friends on Curranz and they love them too.
In addition to taking CurraNZ, how do you use nutrition to support your training? What sort of foods do you eat to stay healthy? What would you eat on a typical day?
Nutrition is so important when training, but it can be hard to stick to when there’s a burger in front of you! I try not to restrict myself too much – I love all food so it’s too hard to hold back. I eat healthy most days and if I do have a takeaway (which definitely happens) I’ll head to the studio the next day and sweat it all out! A normal day usually starts with porridge or avocado on toast. I’m always out during lunch so it’ll be a healthy take away meal like a salad box. Dinner is most likely cooked at home with Spencer and we may go out for dinner once or twice in the week.
Are you working towards any fitness goals in the future?
Just to be fit and healthy. I want to be able to keep up my level of fitness during my pregnancy and afterwards. I know I’ll need a lot of energy when the baby arrives!