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    Summer holiday survival guide - five reasons not to leave home without CurraNZ

    on August 04, 2022

    WITH summer holidays upon us, here are five reasons why CurraNZ is an essential holiday companion to help you get the most out of your precious time with family and friends.

     1. Explore, get active - without aches and pains

      CurraNZ makes packing in the holiday adventure easy – days of exploring, long walks or social tennis needn’t come with the price of screaming muscles and fatigue the next day.

      Its fantastic, scientifically-proven muscle recovery benefits mean you can throw yourself into the holiday and keep up with the kids – every day!


      2. Hayfever

        No-one wants itchy eyes and a streaming nose to ruin their holiday, so if you suffer from grass and pollen allergies during the summer months, then taking CurraNZ daily may provide some natural plant-based support.

        With studies showing blackcurrants may aid allergies, try dosing daily for some side-effect free dietary support.

        3. Partying hard? Try this trick

          We all love to let our hair down a bit on holiday, but late nights and a few sangrias too many can leave us feeling zapped the next day.

          Take one or two CurraNZ before bed with a large glass of water, and let them go to work to help you feel fresher the next morning.


          4. Travel

          How often have you come down with an unwelcome cold or infection after taking a long journey on public transport? We all have – and that’s because airconditioning systems can expose you to other passengers’ bugs. Hours of exposure will leave you a sitting duck to infection.

          CurraNZ and CurraNZ Immune3 can help bootstrap your body’s defences, meaning you reach your destination healthy and ready to go.


          5. Energy

          Spending time with the kids is as tiring as it is enjoyable. Keeping up with them and having something left at the end of an action-packed day is the bigger challenge.

          As regulars will know, CurraNZ's high-potency blackcurrant compounds deliver a natural energy boost and will help with whatever the day throws at you.

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