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    Summer holiday survival guide - seven reasons not to leave home without invaluable CurraNZ

    on July 15, 2019

    WITH school holidays around the corner, here are seven reasons why CurraNZ is an essential holiday companion to help you get the best of your precious time with family and friends.

    1. Helps the body in the heat

    The latest research from the CurraNZ program has revealed that our extract increases fat burning 30% in the heat and helps combat exertional heat stress.

    The body burns less fat and more carbohydrate in the heat and blackcurrant counteracts the decline to a high degree under hot conditions.

    Heat places stress on the body and can lead to gastric problems when exercising - resulting in a host of unpleasant symptoms. However, the anti-inflammatory actions of blackcurrant can help control inflammation and reduce upper and lower gastric problems, such as vomiting, diarrhoea and dizziness.  Clilck here to read more

    2. Air travel

    How often have you come down with an unwelcome cold or infection after taking a flight? We all have – and that’s because aircraft airconditioning systems expose you to a toxic soup of other passengers’ bugs. Hours of exposure in the air will leave you a sitting duck.

    With its proven immunity effects, CurraNZ can help bootstrap your body’s immune defences, meaning you reach your destination healthy and ready to go.

    Not only that, but the blood flow-promoting properties of CurraNZ are great for long periods of sitting and will help counteract blood pooling in the legs.

    3. Explore, get active - without aches and pains

      CurraNZ makes packing in the holiday adventure easy – days of exploring and enjoying the great outdoors needn’t come with the price of screaming muscles and fatigue the next day.

      Its fantastic muscle recovery benefits mean you can throw yourself into the holiday and keep up with the kids – every day!

      4. Hayfever

        No-one wants itchy eyes and a streaming nose to ruin their holiday, so if you suffer from grass and pollen allergies during the summer months, then taking CurraNZ daily may be an effective, natural solution.

        With studies showing blackcurrants interrupt allergy inflammatory responses, CurraNZ is proving a hit with customers because of its quick-acting and effective actions – without any side effects.

        5. Partying hard? Try this trick

          We all love to let our hair down a bit on holiday, but late nights and a few sangrias too many can leave us feeling zapped the next day. Take one or two CurraNZ before bed with a large glass of water, and let their antioxidant and circulation-promoting properties go to work.

          6. Effective fat-burning to offset the treats

          We all treat ourselves on holiday, and a few extra pounds are a ‘fact of life’.

          As we’ve seen in five studies, blackcurrants are unprecedented for encouraging the body to favour fat as fuel and is hugely effective in the heat. This means you’ll burn more fat during low and moderate exercise which will help offset those guilty treats.

          Simply take CurraNZ daily and automatically benefit from these fat-burning improvements during your holiday activities.

          7. Energy

          Spending time with the kids is as tiring as it is enjoyable. Keeping up with them and having something left at the end of an action-packed day is the bigger challenge.

          As regulars will know, CurraNZ's high-potency blackcurrant compounds deliver a natural energy boost and will help with whatever the day throws at you.

          How does it do it? The potent polyphenols in our blackcurrant extract feeds your gut bacteria and helps your cells function efficiently to boost energy production.

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