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    Professionals share their reasons for choosing CurraNZ

    on May 19, 2021

    CurraNZ is used by a number of world-class teams and individuals - we can’t disclose the full 'A list' due to sponsorship restrictions, however there are a few elite teams and athletes that we ARE allowed to talk about.

    Read the 'low down' from several nutritionists in charge of the professionals who use the product. 

    Rebecca Jackson, nutritionist, Highlanders Super Rugby team, New Zealand

    In 2020, CurraNZ became the official supplier to the Highlanders, one of the best sides in the world.

    Rebecca says: "CurraNZ sports supplement is one of our go-to tools for supporting player performance and recovery.

    "The improved blood flow and antioxidant content helps our players recover from heavy blocks of training to help them be at their best in training and on game day."


    Aaron Smith from the Highlanders is arguably one of the best scrum-halves in the world right now.


    The Highlanders are notable for producing a steady stream of players to go on and represent New Zealand's national rugby team.

    Rebecca saw the emerging science behind NZ blackcurrants and in particular the data being published on CurraNZ. 

    Peer-reviewed clinical trials are extremely important for professional nutritionists who make decisions on the best support for their players, taking into consideration what will help them play at their best  in the short and longer term.

    Hannah Sheridan, nutritionist, Tottenham Hotspurs

    Tottenham Hotspur is one of the English Premier League teams who use CurraNZ as part of their nutritional programme.

    Nutritionist Hannah Sheridan says: "We use CurraNZ for recovery during intensified periods of training like pre-season or camp at altitude but we’ve also started using them pre-exercise as well because of the increase of blood flow it can cause.

    "The feedback from athletes is really positive."


    Pip Taylor, Sports Performance Dietitian in the Australian Football League

    “I use CurraNZ strategically with many of my clients and athletes, along with a solid nutrition plan to better support optimal health and performance.

    "Specifically, I have found it beneficial during periods of high stress or training/competition loads, to help speed recovery and reduce risk of illness, as well as during the recovery from injury.”

    A number of Premier League Football teams and European clubs use CurraNZ - but do not want their competitors learning about the edge it provides - so for now, they will have to remain under wraps.

    Assurances for sporting professionals


    The fact that each batch is tested and certified by Informed-Sport provides athletes confidence in the high level of quality control in manufacture.

    The capsule format prevents tampering, is dose-controlled and easy to use.

    Dark coloured supplements in shot or powder form are messy and, like blackcurrant, can stain badly.  

    Above: Three-time World Multisport Champion and Ironman, Dougal Allan 

    As we approach the 2021 Olympic games, CurraNZ boasts an incredible seven athlete users (that we know of) who have made the qualification standard and will be representing their countries in Tokyo. Two are official ambassadors, while the rest use the product as part of their performance protocol.

    Whether you are a professional or a recreational sports person, CurraNZ has numerous compelling reasons to be trusted and used for a sporting edge.