Nourishing Amelia’s 5 Winter Foods to Keep You Warm and Healthy

Nourishing Amelia’s 5 Winter Foods to Keep You Warm and Healthy

With the winter months fast approaching it’s that time of year when the office sniffles start to spread. As we begin swapping those lighter summer salads for the warmer winter meals it’s important that we remember the importance that our diet plays in boosting our immunity and fighting off illness! We spoke to award-winning recipe creator and food blogger Nourishing Amelia to get her top 5 winter Foods to keep you Warm and Healthy through the colder months.


Autumn/Winter is definitely porridge season. The warming breakfast is super filling, energising and packed full of goodness - especially when you add toppings like seasonal fruits, nuts and seeds. You can also use oats to make cookies or healthy fruit crumble toppings.

Butternut Squash

Squash is in season throughout the colder months so it's a great winter vegetable to pick up in the supermarket. I like roasting it to add to quinoa dishes, throwing into curries or even blending into soup. It's loaded with vitamin C to help fight off viruses and is also a good source of vitamin E and potassium. 


This is my favourite spice, you can add it to curries and stews or even make turmeric lattes. It's naturally very anti-inflammatory so helps to combat colds and flu in the colder months. It also aids digestion!


A powder-house plant-based food which is packed with protein and dietary fibre, both soluble and insoluble so is incredible for digestive health. They can also help stabilise and regulate blood sugar levels. Try adding to stews, a veggie Bolognese or why not make a delicious lentil dahl? 


We start to crave more hearty meals in the colder months, so potatoes (both white and sweet potatoes) are a must-have. You can roast them, make healthy homemade chips or potato wedges with them, whip up a delicious mash, add to a curry or simply bake for a quick, filling, healthy meal.

So there you have it, whether they become the base of your meal or a simple addition, these top 5 winter foods from Nourishing Amelia will not only help to keep you protected through the colder months but will also add that warm/ hearty feel to your winter recipes. Enjoy!