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    No racing? No problem - a triathlete reveals the 'amazing memories' during Covid

    on March 26, 2021


    AGE-GROUP triathlete and CurraNZ athlete Natalie Curgenven is part of the four-woman Artemis race team. Here, she reveals how she has turned Covid into a memorable period.

    Natalie writes:

    2020 - what a year! 

    First lesson. If I only knew what 2020 had in store for me I would have enjoyed the previous year's celebrations and victories so much more.

    2019 didn't start well for me, with an early race which ended in a withdrawal (due to poor weather conditions)  but that didn’t deter me it just made me more determined.

    I had some big goals for 2019, including my first  ever Ironman and Challenge 70.3, a new age category and the World Championships in Lausanne.

    On reflection, I was proud how things turned out, with podium positions at both Ironman Barcelona and Challenge Mallorca.

    I also came 6th in the ITU World Championships in Lausanne and I was the first British girl across the finish line, which meant an automatic qualification slot for 2020 World Championships in Canada 🇨🇦..

    My last challenge of 2019 was the 24hr Red Bull time laps, which included riding for 25hrs in a team of four around Windsor Great Park in freezing cold wet conditions. We came fifth which was a massive achievement especially considering we were racing against professionals. All I can say is what a blast! 

    Racing and challenging myself plays a significant part of my life, so 2020 was definitely a big shock for me.

    For me, routine is everything so I knew the only way I could deal with the change was to keep some sort of routine. It’s amazing how without sport and races it’s a struggle to know who you are. I do this sport because I love it, I love the way it makes me feel. So that was it - routine.

    Looking back to 2020 and into 2021, I actually can’t believe what I’ve achieved.

    I focused on routine, which included staying with my coach, with my supplements (CurraNZ) and training sessions. Unlike race season, I had more opportunities to do different things.

    I surrounded myself with like minded people - especially with my running, and focused on goals which are usually not possible during race season.  This included Zwift races, running and bike challenges and running the Wolds Way over seven days. 

    Although I have missed the racing, missed my competitors and my team mates, I have had an amazing time during Covid and I’m grateful for my health and the opportunities I have had. I’ve made memories which I will never forget. 

    I’m excited for this year which will hopefully provide us with opportunities to shine, opportunities to compete again. Fingers crossed for 2021!