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    New ambassador Luca Turrini runs 221km to win Canberra 24-hour race

    on March 20, 2018

    AUSTRALIAN-BASED ultra-runner Luca Turrini recorded another superb achievement at the weekend, when running a phenomenal 221km to win the Canberra 24-hour race.

    Luca says: "Great news, I won! Race conditions were extremely tough and the numbers don't do it justice as the competition was tough, run in 33 degrees with no shade for the whole day."

    Luca holds a Guinness World Record for running the longest distance on a treadmill, with 261.18km, set last April.

    He is also the force behind cancer charity Outrun Cancer, which stages a 700-strong fundraiser this weekend. 

    Luca has been testing CurraNZ since December and was 'shocked' at the difference in his body when running out of supplies earlier this month.

    "I ran out of CurraNZ at the beginning of last week, which was a good test of the product. I have felt progressively more tired over the days despite  training way less than I normally do. I am actually quite shocked at the difference and it can't be a coincidence!"

    Needless to say, we sent him a restock well in time for this weekend's big race and delighted to see him triumph in a brutal event. 

    This year he plans on running 2,000 miles across Italy and is hoping to qualify for the Australian 24-hour race team.