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    'My severe hayfever from grass pollen disappeared in four days with CurraNZ'

    on August 10, 2018

    THE broad-spectrum applications of blackcurrants also extend to helping reduce allergies and we were impressed to read how CurraNZ gave our July Health Customer of the Month fast relief from severe hayfever. 

    Meet Kevin Crowley, (pictured, above-right) who has been using CurraNZ since the early summer:

    "I am just over 60 years old and pretty fit and healthy apart from the fact that at the beginning of last summer, out of nowhere, I have developed an allergy to grass pollen. 

    "I suffered a great deal last year. I was constantly congested, had a severe headache by lunchtime everyday, and was constantly getting infected sinuses. 

    "The same started to happen at the beginning of this summer and I started to try different hay fever remedies to see which worked best for me. Some had little or no effect, some were of benefit, but none got rid of all the symptoms and I would be constantly ‘clearing’ myself. 

    "Then I read about CurraNZ and thought they would be worth a try as a drug free product. Four days after starting on two capsules daily in June, my hay fever symptoms disappeared. A month later I am still taking CurraNZ, I am not using any other hay fever remedy, and I still have no symptoms. 

    "I run and cycle a lot and this has been a huge benefit to me." 

    Kevin Crowley

    Prize winner Kevin wins two cartons of CurraNZ. To enter our monthly competition, email your story to This month's entries close August 30, 2018.


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