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    Could blackcurrant be the difference between winning or losing a medal?

    on April 26, 2021

    WITH another successful Olympics behind us, it was great to see the number of international athletes using CurraNZ and making the medals.

    We reflect on a study last year that posed the question: Could our blackcurrant extract provide the fine margin gain between winning and losing?

    A meta-analysis review of the blackcurrant performance research, published last year, suggests it could. 

    The study, that evaluated nine CurraNZ studies, revealed that New Zealand blackcurrants rank amongst the best ergogenic aids for sports performance.

    The authors from New Zealand Plant and Food Research Institute and Auckland University review focused on nine studies - eight on CurraNZ – that underpin the international scientific evidence to date.

    They concluded our unique extract can significantly improve running, cycling and climbing performance in athletes to a ‘significant degree’.

    The scientists calculated our extract's application by a standardised mean percent effect on performance, which equates to 0.45. CurraNZ studies have found improvements of up to 11%, depending on the exercise modality.  

    In a news article announcing the research, one of the authors, Professor Roger Hurst, says the studies show New Zealand blackcurrant extract could be the ‘difference between winning a gold and silver medal at Olympic level’. 

    CurraNZ supplies elite athletes and leading sports organisations in New Zealand, Australia and the UK and is the most trusted and evidence-based blackcurrant extract brand in the world. 

    The study, The Effect of New Zealand Blackcurrant on Sport Performance and Related Biomarkers: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition,