"I will end up in a wheelchair one day, but I’m seeing so many improvements after just a few months of using CurraNZ"

"I will end up in a wheelchair one day, but I’m seeing so many improvements after just a few months of using CurraNZ"

This month’s Health Customer prize winner is John*, a retired member of the Special Forces who pushed his body to the limit serving Britain on the front line in conflict zones.

It was an extreme role where jumping out of moving vehicles and planes, or spending days on surveillance while dug out in a hole, were common-place.

After all those years of putting his body through the most extreme demands, John, 68 is now suffering a debilitating legacy of degenerative spine disease and a long list of associated health complications.

However, he has found how CurraNZ has been making life more bearable for a range of his ailments, and in surprising ways.

'I've had Type 2 Diabetes for a decade but I've seen a huge shift after just two months'

John says: “When I left the Forces, most of the discs in my spine had collapsed which left me in excruciating pain, requiring a host of painkillers and medication to cope from day to day.

Then, to make matters worse, I had an accident ten years ago that left me with a brain injury and made my back condition even more painful. I used to live in a second-floor flat undergoing work to remove asbestos. One evening on my wedding anniversary I came out of my door and a loose piece of the building site structure fell and hit me, sending me backwards down 12 concrete stairs, where I was knocked unconscious when head-butting the wall at the far end.

“It was a bad head injury. I lost my short-term memory and it affected the part of my brain that controls balance. I now also have problems with my vision and suffer mood swings and depression.

“To top it all, because of my back condition and inability to exercise, I saw my weight balloon to 110kg and developed Type 2 Diabetes, which I suspect I’ve had since 2011.”

John’s daughter heard about CurraNZ and suggested he try it for its broad range of health benefits, in the hope it may improve his quality of life.

"I've also lost 9kg, without doing anything different" 

“To be honest, I was very skeptical about the supplement, but I have been hugely surprised at how it has helped me in so many ways.

“My pain is not as bad and I’ve noticed a huge change in my diabetes. After using CurraNZ for just six weeks, I went for my scheduled check-up and unusually, they said my blood pressure, kidney, heart function, cholesterol and blood tests were ‘perfect’ – it’s a huge shift from my previous results, which believe me, were far from excellent.

“I came out of the clinic smiling with all the improvements they were seeing, when normally it was a miserable experience. They thought I’d been taking all the statins and drugs they were recommending for my diabetes, but I wasn’t – I was just using CurraNZ.”

Blackcurrant anthocyanins are showing promising scientific evidence for helping to control sugar and insulin responses, while supporting vascular health and blood flow, which are affected by diabetes.

Plus, John is less reliant on his walking sticks and has lost 9kg after taking blackcurrant, without doing anything differently.

“CurraNZ is really good stuff. I’ve lost weight, I feel calmer and so much better in myself. I've also noticed my vision has improved for driving.

“I used to be plagued by dark circles under my eyes whenever I became tired and rundown, which would make me self-conscious and stop me leaving the house. They’ve completely disappeared with the blackcurrant too.”

John takes two capsules in the morning and again before bed – “they help me sleep, the pain can be excruciating when I turn over, but they make a difference”.

While it certainly isn’t a cure for the range of health and pain challenges John is facing, he says: “I’ve seen a huge shift and I feel much happier. I will end up in a wheelchair one day, nothing’s going to change that, but I’m seeing so many improvements with CurraNZ”.

*Due to the sensitivity of his previous career in the Special Forces, we have *John’s name to protect his identity.  

Research has suggested that Blackcurrant may be beneficial for some markers of Type 2 Diabetes. Please see your doctor before using CurraNZ if you suffer from any chronic health condition and/ or using prescribed medication.